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Lloyds Pharmacy UK: Online Doctor


Do you hate having to ring your local GP/Doctor only for there to be no appointments for days? This was the bane of my life especially when all you’re trying to do is ask a doctor to give you your prescription for your contraceptive pill, until i saw an advert (on Facebook believe it or not) about Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor. It isn’t just for women, you can order mens health products too.

I had a little nosy around and figured out how it works:

1) if you know what you have been prescribed before, click this (or if you want to try a new product you click that one)

2) it then takes you too a questionnaire where you fill in information about your general health and allergies and whether or not you’ve used this particular product before.

3) a Doctor then accesses your information and reviews this to ensure this product is the best for you.

4) If they have any further questions they get in touch via email or text to let you know. You then access your patient record on the lloyds website and update any additional information they are asking for.

5) They either confirm or decline your order depending on whether they believe they can prescribe it to you online or whether you do need a consultation with a doctor.

6) You pay and then receive this next day or can collect from your local pharmacy.

This has made my life so much easier and i don’t have to spend ages on the phone trying to book an appointment just to get a prescription. Now, this might not be for you as you do have to pay for them. it’s £14.99 for a 6 month prescription. I know you get it for free if you visit a doctor and a lot of people will prefer this but for me who works full time, i would rather pay this amount and have them delivered than not be able to get an appointment or time off work to go to the doctor purely for a prescription.

In addition, through the information i provided on the questionnaire, they realised i was not on the right pill and that there was another which would suit me better – something no other doctor at my local surgery picked up on even though i told them about the side effects.

Do you think this is a good idea – Yay or Nay?