Hair Update: Return of the Fringe

So, i’m procrastinating again. I should be writing the final 1,500 words of my final Uni essay of this module but… i felt like showing the entire internet my new hair was a priority. I know right, i’m the worst. It’s fine though, i’ve written 38 words today on the essay….

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you will have seen all the hairstyles i’ve gone through over the past 12 months. It’s been blonde with no fringe, blonde with a fringe, dark brown, bronde, ombré and now Ombré with a fringe. Indecisive anyone?

I think i’ve finally got to a point with my hair where i’m semi happy at the moment. I do think my hair needs to be a little longer, as now i’ve had my fringe cut, my hair seems so much shorter (sadface). The good thing is, that even if i have my hair up, it looks kind of kick ass with the fringe so i’m not constantly damaging my hair by blowdrying and straightening like i used too. Hopefully, this will give my hair time to repair – that and i’m currently using OJON damage reverse hair products (which i will share with you soon) and they are doing wonders for my hair already.

So here it is, my new ‘do’;

Hair up:


Hair Down (apologies, i had just taken it down and messed it up, so it ain’t perfect);

fringe no2.

Soz about the face too….

IF you want to see a very vast range of my previous hairstyles, you can have a gander here.

Let me know what you think…. 🙂


Kérastase: Keratine Thermique

Kérastase Keratine Thermique is a smoothing, taming milk which you run through your damp hair and leave in to protect while blowdrying. I received this product in one of my previous Glossybox’s but never got around to really using it at the time. Mainly because i wasn’t 100% sure what it was meant to be used for and apparently, googling is too much effort for me!

When i eventually decided to read the tube and realise that it actually sounded great, it became something i used regularly to help with the constant blow drying of my hair.

What does it do?

This protects your hair while blowdrying, smooths frizz and adds shine all at the same time. It even helps when you’re letting your hair dry naturally. The back of the tube also states it includes a heat protection but i’m not sure it’s protection against high heat such as straighteners, more like regular blow drying.

p.s it also smells amazing.

I’ve been using this for the past few weeks, but not after every wash. When i do use it however, it does seem to make a bit of a difference and my hair is smoother! You can purchase this for around £15.00 here, but i’m not sure i would purchase it again at that price. If it was on sale, i’d go to town but i think there are a lot of other products out there for less money which do pretty much the same.

Is there anything you use, which is cheaper but just as good that you swear by?


July 2015; Hair Update

If you’ve read my previous post, you will know i have a life long battle with my hair. I get it cut short, then i want to grow it but when it gets to a certain length, i decide i want to cut it short again. So i set myself a goal; Hair below my shoulders by June 2016. This is when Owain’s friend is getting married and will be the first wedding of 2016 i’ll be invited too, unless any last minute invites find their way to me! I want to try and battle through the annoying hair on my neck all the time phase and resist the urge to cut it all off again.

That’s where my blog comes in. I’m using it to track my progress so i can see exactly how much my hair has grown and what condition it’s in. I would go insane without something to measure it and i’d probably end up cutting it all off!

It’s been about a month and a half since i last decided to chop all my hair off, to make sure i had a fresh clean start with beautiful ends. I haven’t dyed my hair for a few months until my roots ended up looking ridiculous and i had to dye my roots a little darker to cover the different colours it had grown (don’t ask, it was a bit stripy). I’m trying not to dye the ends of my hair so i can go for longer without cutting it and it seems to be working. I had a tiny trim this week and here is where my hair is at right now;

Hair July 2015

It’s still ombré and it seems to get lighter after every wash, but i love it! I get bored of having my hair one block colour and so the lighter ends keep it interesting.

Here is my hair when i started this journey at the beginning of June 2015;

hair cut

It’s not been very long and i have had a trim but i’m so proud of myself for not cutting it all back off again because the old me would take an inch off this and have it end at my chin.

I’ll keep you updated & my twitter friends have recommended Lee Staffords Range for hair that doesn’t grow past a certain length so i may invest and let you know how i get on with it!

Have you or are you growing your hair? Give me your tips!


Dove: Regenerating Dry Oil Hair Mask

You might know from reading some of my earlier posts, that i tend to change my hair a lot. I mean, in the past week it’s gone from slightly ombré to very noticeable ombré to light brown now. I get bored easily & that can really hurt my hair. I’m currently trying to look after my hair as i’ve been invited to a wedding next June and i’m desperate to have longer hair by then. This means regular trims and trying to go as long as i can without dying my hair. So far, i lasted almost a month and a half! I’m aiming for the same timescale until my next touch up.

In between this time, i’ve been trying to look after my hair by using less heat, having a trim when i need too and making use of hair masks. The hair mask i’m currently using is Dove Nourishing Dry Oil Regenerating Mask and i’ll tell you now, it’s the best thing i’ve done for my hair in a while. It’s infused with oils to nourish your hair and doesn’t leave your hair greasy or weighed down. It’s a game changer. I’ve noticed less split ends and my hair feels shinier than ever. It contains Macademia Oils which control frizz and leaves your hair amazingly soft.

I use this every Sunday and give my hair a good pamper before going back to work on the Monday. If i feel my hair needs a quick mid week pick up (if i’ve been using heat more often than i should) i’ll sneak in a mid week bath and give my ends a soak. They always say not to put hair masks or conditioner on your roots but i find as long as i wash it out fully, it doesn’t leave me feeling greasy at all.

You can purchase the Dove Regenerating Mask on offer for the bargain price of £4.00 at the moment from Boots but the usual price is around £6. Who says amazing hair care has to be expensive. Sometimes the best products i’ve used have been high street brands.

Do you have a favourite hair mask? – I’ve heard Lee Stafford does good hair products for those who want to grow hair!


Beauty Habits You Need To Break

Recently, I’ve been thinking about things i have learnt that have pretty much changed my life in terms of beauty habits. I used to think i had it all figured out for myself and that what i did for my body, my face, my hair was okay and it would continue that way. I was wrong. There are some things that i needed to change and stop doing, in order to see a different and healthy looking person and i wanted to share them with you. I spent years believing i could get my hair to grow just by not cutting it and whenever i saw articles telling me i needed to trim regularly for it to grow healthy, i ignored them. How wrong i was.

So here are my 5 beauty habits i broke, which have made a difference to me and i hope they will encourage you to break your bad beauty habits (if you have any!) too! I’m not saying these apply to everyone but if you have any others please let me know below!

Not Finding Out Your Skin Type.

For ages, i used whatever face wash and moisturiser i picked up from boots or superdrug. Not reading the packaging, choosing mainly what i had seen on adverts. This left my skin dry and flaky and damn right annoying. It was super dry and tight after washing and even after moisturising. When i applied make up it flaked up even more causing my skin to look such a mess. One day, i wandered to the Clinique booth and they checked my skin to determine what type it was. Combination Oily is my thing now and i buy products to suit it. Since i’ve started doing this, theres no dryness after washing, my oil is under control (most days) and there are no flaky dry patches when i apply my make up. You don’t realise it but it’s something that helps a lot and it only takes 10 minutes but can change your life!

Squeezing Your Spots.

This is disgusting but we all do it! I used to do i religiously, if i had one, it had to be gone. I didn’t realise at the time but this actually made things worse. They were more red and noticeable and stuck around on my face for a hell of a lot longer. Instead, i dab a bit of Tea Tree on the area and leave well alone now. Usually this means they are no more after a day or two! Yay!

Not Trimming Your Hair When It Needs It. 

Ahh, total sucker for this one. For ages i’ve been ‘growing my hair’ but this just meant leaving it and not cutting it until it grew. Boy was i wrong! I didn’t realise it but my hair started to get matted and dry at the ends and was breaking off all over the place. Black top + Split ends = NO NO NO. It was not a pretty site. Although my hair had grown, it was breaking off and looking awful. I recently cut all the broken ends off and my hair has never felt softer or in better condition. I feel your pain in wanting long beautiful hair but you still need to have healthy hair to do it and that means regular trims! Don;t worry, it’s taken me about 10 years to learn that this actually helps the growing process.

Not Using Heat Protectant. 

I used to wash my hair everyday and in the process use a hair dryer and straighteners every day. Not once did i use heat protection. When i was younger, my hair had been around waist length until i got bored and convinced my mum to let me have it all chopped off. Since then, it’s never grown  past my shoulders (see also above point). I then realised by reading articles about hair that the amount of damage caused by heat appliances can cause more hair breakage. No one wants this, so i invested in heat protection sprays to use before i use any heat on my hair. Although you can’t see the benefits straight away, after a while you notice your hair stays in better condition. Imagine using curling tongs and going for that shiny tousled look only to end up with a dry matted frizzy look. Not what you want.

Not Using Moisturiser On Your Body. 

Your body is covered in skin but for ages i only bothered with moisturiser on my face. Why? Because it took too much time and effort for me to even think about doing any other part of my body. Looking back now, I wish i had been moisturising by entire skin all along. Whenever i get my legs out for the summer, they seem dull and dry and just awful. With daily moisturising, they soak up that moisture and they look healthier and less.. well.. dead. I would never not moisturise my face, as the dryness feels awful but we always forget out our skin. There’s some great in shower moisturisers out there that make this process a hell of a lot easier!

Tell me you big bad beauty habits in the comments below – let me know if you’ve broken them!