Hair Update: Return of the Fringe

So, i’m procrastinating again. I should be writing the final 1,500 words of my final Uni essay of this module but… i felt like showing the entire internet my new hair was a priority. I know right, i’m the worst. It’s fine though, i’ve written 38 words today on the essay….

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you will have seen all the hairstyles i’ve gone through over the past 12 months. It’s been blonde with no fringe, blonde with a fringe, dark brown, bronde, ombré and now Ombré with a fringe. Indecisive anyone?

I think i’ve finally got to a point with my hair where i’m semi happy at the moment. I do think my hair needs to be a little longer, as now i’ve had my fringe cut, my hair seems so much shorter (sadface). The good thing is, that even if i have my hair up, it looks kind of kick ass with the fringe so i’m not constantly damaging my hair by blowdrying and straightening like i used too. Hopefully, this will give my hair time to repair – that and i’m currently using OJON damage reverse hair products (which i will share with you soon) and they are doing wonders for my hair already.

So here it is, my new ‘do’;

Hair up:


Hair Down (apologies, i had just taken it down and messed it up, so it ain’t perfect);

fringe no2.

Soz about the face too….

IF you want to see a very vast range of my previous hairstyles, you can have a gander here.

Let me know what you think…. 🙂


Hair Update: I did it again!


If you all saw the post i did on keeping a hair diary (if you want to read, take a peek here) so i could make progress with my hair growth & condition, i have an update. The above picture was taken a week ago and i’m pretty happy with how it looks generally, apart from the dodgy fringe kink my hair seems to do and it doesn’t sit flat EVER.

A few days later, i took another picture (i was getting ready for work so excuse the attire):


Length – still exactly the same – fringe trimmed and therefore less thick and flick-y. progress!

Then i went and did this:

Fringe Hair

Return of the fringe! 

Now, as i’ve said before, i have a love hate relationship with my fringe but i’m trying to get to a point where i don’t try and grow it out. I WILL get there! Help me please.

Everyone has said (so far) that it looks nice. Lets see how long i ride this one out for then – i’ll make sure there’s another update soon!

Please tell me the hair doesn’t look ridiculous… or if it does, tell me and i can sort it!

Ta x


Return of the Fringe…

Photo on 17-08-2014 at 16_Fotor


I have an on/off relationship with my fringe/bangs. Every now and then i cut them and then grow them out. Now, last time i had them cut, i decided i would stick with them for a while BUT… i failed and let them grow out. Today, i grew some balls and cut my hair. 

So now, my fringe is back and my forehead feels less conspicuous, which is great, believe me. Let’s see how long this lasts. 

The real reason i cut it, is because i went into town today with Owain, did my hair all lovely, wore a dress i haven’t for ages and even wore lipstick. Yes, that’s right, my lazy sunday turned into me actually venturing out into the world and making an effort. Wish i hadn’t though, as soon i we’d walked all the way into town and were across the road from the coffee shop, the heavens opened and it was like someone threw a bucket of water over my head. Picture a shaggy haired dog in the rain, that was me. 

In addition, i do not own an umbrella and i did not take a jacket. As soon as we entered the coffee shop – it stopped raining and the sun came out. Typical. Absolutely Typical. 

So there i was, drying in the coffee shop, looking like a wet dog and my hair decided to have a mind of it’s own. It dried in the style of a fringe, but my hair was too long for a fringe. I looked terrible. Sort of like cousin IT. So that’s it, i got home, went straight for the scissors and cut it. 

Be assured i will give you general updates on the hair situation. I’m trying not to cut my hair short so if cutting my fringe stops me from doing that, then so be it. 

How was your sunday? Let me know below!