Jord: Stunning Wood Watches

Jord is a swedish word which means earth, soil and land and looking at the watches they make, i can see where they are coming from. They make their watched from natural wood and love partnering with bloggers to spread the word about being green and helping manufacturers and consumers to reduce the harm to our environment.

Jord creates beautiful and wearable wooden watches. I was lucky enough to try the Fieldcrest Maple watch and i have to say, i don’t think i’ll ever love a watch as much as i love this one. It’s lightweight, durable and the pale colour of the wood will go with pretty much any outfit. I’ve received so many compliments on this watch and i’ve only worn it once!

The design is absolutely stunning. The clasp hides away behind the wooden strap and there is a carving on the back of the watch face with the Jord logo and where it was made. Simple and elegant. They measured it to my wrist and i can not fault their service. MyMy

It came beautifully presented and packaged in a wooden box with the logo crafted into it. I slid the top of the box off to reveal this little beauty sitting on a cushion – the height of sophistication.

Jord Watch

Jord Watch 2

Jord Watch Back

Jord Watch Clasp

Jord Watch Wearing

Jord Watch Box 2

I am totally in love with this watch. It goes with everything and is perfect for any outfit and any occasion. It’s my new favourite accessory!

Head over to their website and have a browse at the stunning variety of watches they have. They are perfect for gifts for people or even just to treat yourself too.

Do you love their watches too? Would you consider buying one?


*This watch was gifted to me.

Prairie Charms & The Make A Wish Foundation

prairie charms

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Prairie Charms about their current collaboration with The Make A Wish Foundation. For every order they receive, they are donating 25% towards the Make A Wish Foundation which grants wishes to children and young people who are suffering from life-threatening conditions. Reading this & browsing their site i had to get involved.

I purchased a Blue Hair Bow and Some Purple Heart Nail Stickers. They provided me with 25% off and i felt an overwhelming sense of good. I had not only bought some amazingly cute accessories but i had also helped a good cause while doing so.

Prairie Charms also offered to send 2 free gifts with my offer of which i received a beautiful yellow hair band and two hair ties which are bright and bold and can also be used as bracelets without looking like wearing bobbles on your wrist.

Prairie Charms appealed to me as they are a make everything by hand and also 10% of all profits go towards the Great Ormond Street Hospital.  In addition, if you can’t find a product you like, they will make a custom one especially for you.

Take a look at what amazingly beautiful products came through my door – the packaging is adorable as well!

prairie charms packaging 2

prairie charms packaging

prairie charms nail stickers

prairie charms hair ties

Prairie charms headband

prairie charms hair bow

prairie charms gifts

I’m so excited to use these and show them off. I’ve already made good use out of the hair ties, they are a great accessory!

Prairie Charms are looking to branch out to bloggers and the public so if you want to get involved go browse their website here. You can also find them on twitter here. Follow them for regular updates about their upcoming offers!

Have you shopped at Prairie Charms yet? If not, go now!


Blue Vanilla Post Christmas Sale!


Everyone knows the time in between Christmas & New Year is used for thinking up resolutions we can break and sale shopping. Whether it’s for TV’s, Clothes or just general bits and bobs, we all love a good bargain. My mother got a £76 turkey for around £15 on boxing day so i’m guessing it’s turkey dishes galore for the next few weeks. 🙂

So, i know of a website which is having a 50% sale on all clothing! – Who needs anything else but clothes right?

To show you some of what they have on their website, i was looking at New Years outfits i could purchase on here. So here are my top 3 picks:

blue vanilla

This 1920’s Gatsby inspired dress is perfect for new year and i love love love the net covering over the skirt. Pair with a killer heel and you’re ready to go. You can also go for the classic red lip to give this outfit a pop of colour too!

This was £25.00 reduced to £15!

Delivery is free on orders over £45.00 and only £2.99 if you spend below £45.00! Express Delivery is £3.99 and international is up to £4.99.

Shop this here!

blue valilla

This Mid length, high waisted skirt is perfect for pairing with a crop top (if you’re brave enough in this cold weather!) and some party heels.  It comes in Metallic Blue, Purple or Silver so you can choose which one suits your personality the best!

This skirt is £24.00 and delivery is the same as outlined above!

Shop this here! 

blue vanilla

And finally, if you’re not brave enough to step out without a little bit of cover during this cold winter, this dress is for you! The long patterned sleeves give it warmth as well as making it stand out from your standard little black dress. You can mix accessories to brighten up this dress or stick with simple black. The dress is also available in Teal or Plum so take your pick if you fancy standing out this new year!

This dress is £26.00.  Delivery is the same as outlined above.

Shop this here! 

Also, they have 50% off as a treat yourself offer – Cardigans, dresses, tops, skirts – you name it, they have it on sale. Also, check out the knitwear selection – they have all you could ever need this winter to keep you warm indoor and outdoors!

Who said the cold can’t be fashionable!

blue vanilla 50 off


My Exciting News….


So, recently i jumped at the chance to start writing articles for a beauty and fashion website It was a great opportunity and i got to write articles based on things like Beyoncé’s new nail wraps she has released or Lauren Conrad’s even shorter bob haircut she recently premiered.

Cue a couple of weeks later and i was asked to be an editorial assistant. I still write posts for them if i need too but now i get to discuss new products with brands to enable us to write about them, I organise the diary for the posts so they can be scheduled properly and last week i made the weekly newsletter which is sent every Sunday.

I feel very honoured that they loved my writing and asked me to join the team but i also love that this means i get to be a part of something which isn’t my current job.

If you want to check the website out, you can find it here! i’m having so much fun & appreciate everything the editor of Glossyfinds has done for me!


The ‘Me’ Time Tag.


🙂 so i was tagged by the lovely Becca from Beckinablog to do this tag and so i thought i’d give it a go as i haven’t done one in ages and i was very happy to be thought of 🙂

So, here goes…

What do you watch or read during me time?

I love catching up on shows i’ve missed like Made in Chelsea or The Apprentice but as guilty pleasures during days off i love watching the Millionaire Matchmaker or re runs of criminal minds & CSI:Vegas! So cheesy but i love them! I’m not currently reading anything as i need to read my book for  a work certificate and my next uni module starts in February 2015 so i’m saving my brain for that!

What do you wear during me time?

Pj’s always! Pj’s when i get home from work, Pj’s on my days off or any Sunday. I love my hand knitted socks made by Owains mum too, they are so comfy without being too warm! And currently, my wooly jumpers are the best to snuggle up in and watch tv with a good cup of tea!

What are your me time beauty products?

Normally this is for ‘me time bath time’ and i generally use a hair mask on my hair (whichever i have available) or just a long condition using my current shampoo, exfoliate my skin with my Clinique exfoliator as it’s so refreshing! I use my Garnier body moisturiser and i feel all set after this and lovely and refreshed/clean!

Current favourite nail polish?

I have loads of different brands and colour of nail polish but i recently got Essie ‘Cute as a button’ and i’m in love with it!

What do you eat/drink during me time?

Same as Becca, a bit of milkshake which i make in a cocktail shaker because, y’know improv. It’s ALWAYS a banana milkshake too! Usually i drink tea but if it’s full on winter mode then its a hot chocolate! Food wise it’s probably a takeaway mainly Pizza or Chinese or if i make food myself it’s usually a steak dinner. NOM.

Current favourite candle?

I’ve just got a Blackberry Frost Glade candle which smells like outdoors at christmas. It’s amazing. I picked up 2 because i knew i would use them too quick and i’m already near the bottom of the first one! I need to invest in a Yankee Candle!

Do you ever have outdoor me time?

Sometimes in summer i will walk home instead of getting the tram to listen to my Spotify playlist and have a bit of me time but now it’s winter it’s too cold for that! I sometimes do walk to tesco to pick things up if i need to on my way from work and have a listen to my music!

Would you ever go see a movie alone?

I always say no but i think it depends. If it wasn’t a particularly busy movie and it was during the day then i probably would but i’m not sure i would enjoy it!

Favourite online shop?

Ooo I always love a good New Look shop – especially in the sale. Make up wise it would have to be Boots because i get the points on my card 😉

Anything to add? What else do you do in me time?

Total lie-ins in the morning are a must have for me time. Watching cheesy films while laying in bed is the best. Also, i enjoy cooking on my own and shopping for me treats also works!

So there you have it! – I’m not going to tag anyone specifically because there are too many people who i would love to tag so if you have read this, do it and then let me know in the comments and i’ll have a great big nosy 😀