Work: Dress Up or Keep It Casual?

So, i have a question… It’s something that’s always been on my mind whenever i’m at work or out with people from work when i’m not at work.

This might just be me wondering this but i hope it’s not. I had a conversation at work the other day about when you see somebody outside of work and they look exactly the same as they do in work. Not in terms of, they’re a whole different person but in terms of hair, make up, clothes etc. Those people who wear a full face of make up to work, the same as they do when they go out on a night out. Or who dress up and wear heels everyday and have their hair perfectly done everyday – like they would for an evening out.

Now, usually at work, i randomly shove clothes on that quite frankly may not even look good/go together/be weather appropriate but i’m not one for sculpting my hair into a perfect ‘do’ or bringing out the red lipstick for work but, i have seen people who do this.

So, my question is – should you make more of an effort for work? I mean, i’m there most of my day but i can’t help feeling that if i did, when people saw me outside of work, i would look the same and no one would go ‘wow, look at you, you look so different’. I think i would start to associate my work self with my going out self and getting ‘glammed up’ or experimenting with make up on a weekend would not be as much fun. Are you with me?

Is this just me? Or do you feel the same? Someone please make this easier for me!


Alexander McQueen: The new Women’s Wear by Sarah Burton


Alexander McQueen, a name everybody should know. One of the most amazing fashion designers in the world. One of the things i love about him is that he was male. Proving you don’t have to be female to understand women’s fashion.

Anyone who saw his fashion shows were in for a treat. McQueens runway shows were filled with the unusual whether it be a hologram of Kate Moss or a life sized human chess game. It’s safe to say that watching Alexander McQueens runway shows would be a dream. I wonder what he would have done next – McQueen was always pushing the boundaries with his runway ideas.

As detailed in the illustration above kindly provided to me by the lovely people at you can see he was a brilliant designer, a very talented individual and he created pieces women longed to wear. His pieces were so detailed and elegant and if i could afford it, i would swan around in the biggest, fanciest dress. Who wouldn’t?

Well, lucky for me, Sarah Burton – McQueens successor – has designed the new range of women’s wear on and it’s fabulous! Have a look here!

There is everything a girl could want from jewellery to scarfs to coats i could drool over all day. I need to make my millions now so i can buy everything!

I LOVE birds… This is perfection in a cardigan:

alex mcqueen bird

This is the coat i had in mind for this winter – i bought a grey wrap over coat from Next. Can’t help but think i was channelling my inner McQueen!

alex mcqueen coat

I am completely in love with this:

alex mcqueen

It’s £709… but it’s christmas right? SOMEONE BUY ME THIS!

Take a look at the collection and let me know what your favourite pieces are. You will be totally spoilt for choice!


My Liquor & Poker Denim wishlist


For those who don’t know, Liquor & Poker are a Birmingham based label who live and breathe denim. I have recently been peeking at their page on ASOS and i want it all!

*logo picture is from Liquor & Poker The Blogger Programme page

Here are my top 4 picks (& i am seriously in love with the lilac jeans)


Liquor & Poker Mom Colour Wash Jeans With Ripped Knee Detail – £35.00 from

I am in love with this colour and the small slashes on the knees. I think these may need to be purchased ASAP. I have a lot of coloured jeans –  bright pink, red, green. I need a lilac jean in my life! You can dress them up for an evening out or with some white converse for a causal day look!


Liquor & Poker Mom Jeans With All Over Rips & Distressing Detail – £35.00 from

Speaking of coloured jeans – a white jean! Small distressed parts on the jeans make these white jeans subtley sexy while not being too over the top! Perfect for a crisp look in winter & a pretty clean look in summer. Great for all seasons.


Liquor & Poker Dolphin Hem Denim Mini Skirt£25.00 from 

Think total throwback to the 90’s, a simple denim skirt which would go great with a collared white shirt. I don’t own a denim skirt but this would be a welcome item in my wardrobe!


Liquor & Poker Skinny Jeans With Extreme Distressing Ripped Knees – £35.00 from 

And for the rockstar in you all, these total babes of a distressed jean! Be sure you have made your legs ‘flash-worthy’ before donning these jeans. I would love these dressed up with a black heel and a brightly coloured top for a splash of colour.

* all photos of the jeans/skirt are credited to

I think they should definitely make all types of jeans in all types of colours! Pale yellow next please!

Have you checked out Liquor & poker yet?

Find them and shop here or above on Asos!


TopShop Wish list August Edition

Pale lace up trainers_Fotor_Collage


Considering my pay will hit my bank tonight, i’m doing all i can to resist putting all these items into my Topshop basket and waiting for that moment when i can click ‘proceed to checkout’ however, i’ve decided to wait and go shopping in real life so i can try clothes on and browse. It will also ensure i don’t buy too much as soon as i’m paid as i am not that strong and can only carry a small amount of shopping at a time. 

Seeing as though the summer weather is clearly on the way out and autumn (or fall) is nearly here, my basket consists of those big chunky knits and autumn colours for eyes and cheeks. A new bag is always on the cards and what better way to add colour than a cute satchel. I’ve also thrown some white pumps in there to pair with my washed out denim to give it more of a crisp fresh look. 

Knowing me, i will probably not be able to chose between these items and end up with them all and living off bread and jam for the rest of the month!

Keep it here for an update on which items i do buy – i may even branch out and buy things not on my wish list! 

Right now, i’m off to enjoy a fresh bacon sandwich & be completely lazy today before work tomorrow!




My Weekend so far…

It’s only Saturday morning but i am having a great morning. Notice my miserable post yesterday which i masked with the awesomeness that is Friday? Well, my Virgin Media hub has been replaced this morning (YES) & my H&M order arrived (YES AGAIN). I’ve also had a freshly made home coffee and i am currently sat in a christmas coca-cola t shirt. I am cool. 

I wanted to share a few photos with you all and tell you a bit about my weekend so far! (It’s only because i’m so excited to be back online!)




My Nails

I had clear nails for the past week and i didn’t have time to sit and paint them this week due to late shifts at work. Last night while binge watching Friday night TV, i decided to get creative. It’s not the best picture of my nails as i forgot to clean up the edges before i took the photo but i’m sure you can forgive me! I used my Blue polish i got in my July Glossybox which was an american product i talked about here. (it’s cruelty free also, bonus!) I then used a Nails Inc. light pink polish to do the dots and voila!


Owain decided to surprise me with homemade chocolate rice krispie cakes but i caught him in the act and decided to help. We made them with Green & Black’s butterscotch chocolate and they were so yummy! i’ll definitely be making these again. I know Green & Blacks have a whole range of chocolate  flavours so we may do some experimenting. It helps that the Great British Bake off is also back on soon! WIN!


My H&M order came! After about 10 days of waiting. I knew ordering online i would have to wait but i didn’t expect it to be this long! Above is a selection of 3 dresses that are my favourites i received. I shopped in the sale, because i’m broke with moving house. It was only £55.00 for 6 items but the 3 dresses above are beautiful. perfect for summer and can also be worn in the office. I think the meal tomorrow with my family will be the perfect time to show one off. I just hope the weather stays nice!


Im sure i will have a lot more to talk about as the weekend progresses, what are you all up to this weekend?