My Christmas So Far…


So, rather than do loads of smaller posts letting the entire internet know about my run up to Christmas, i thought i’d do a HUGE post jam packed with everything Christmas related i’ve done so far!

So, as December is here, Christmas parties are happening and everyone everywhere is making fools of themselves in front of the people they see on a day to day basis. Standard Christmas Party.

Our Christmas party is usually in January when everyone has money and is free which always works out surprisingly well but this year they decided to have it in December, which is fair enough but hardly anyone turned up as it was also a week before payday – the horror!

Here are a few photos from my Christmas party which was held at Bramall Lane football club in Sheffield:

IMG_0510 IMG_0513 IMG_0512 IMG_0514

Then the Wednesday after, me and my friends went for our Secret Santa present giving christmas meal at Silversmiths in Sheffield. We had a 3 course meal, prosecco on arrival and christmas crackers.

Bad part: They had candles on the table and wrapping paper everywhere. Cue almost burning the place down and ruining everyone else’s christmas meal – oops!

For Secret santa i got a new watch which is lovely πŸ™‚ (i don’t have it yet as it needs collecting from the post office), some christmas yankee candles (which for the record are the best thing ever) and a journal which you write in each day for 5 years and it asks you a different question on each day so you can see ho your answers change! I love it!

There were some old fashioned’s consumed, a lot of food eaten and a jolly good time had by all πŸ˜‰

Here are some photos from this night:

christmas hat christmas meal christmas meal christmas meal christmas meal christmas meal christmas meal christmas meal

During last week me and my friends also discovered the best place for breakfast and coffee in Sheffield – Tamper coffee. They have a small coffee shop in the centre as well as a coffee shop and kitchen restaurant near the train station.

If you haven’t been, you should go – the breakfasts are to die for and the coffee is just amazing. I had a ‘big kiwi’ breakfast which is eggs (cooked how you want them to be), sausages, crispy bacon, home made hashbrowns, wild mushrooms and some spicy beans which may have been the highlight.

They also do pancakes, french toast as well as soldiers and eggs for children. You should have a look at the full menu on their website here!Β 

IMG_0559 IMG_0558

I’ve also done all of my Christmas shopping and it’s all wrapped! Now to relax, finish of my last few works shifts & let the Christmas fun begin!


Christmas Nails: How To…

Christmas NailsYay for Christmas – i’ve been putting off painting my nails in a Christmas theme as i felt they would chip off and look awful before Christmas day but as i have a few days off work i gave in!

I received some red nail glitter in one of my last Glossybox’s – it may have been November – so i decided i would do a festive glittery red nail!

christmas nail art

First, i made sure i had some clear nail polish and some paper down on the floor as the glitter gets everywhere! I poured a bit of the glitter into the lid so i could dip my finger tips in it.

I started off by painting my nails in Nails Inc ‘Tate’ which i got free with Glamour Magazine last month. It’s a deep red which is perfect for the festive season!

While my nail was still wet i dipped it in the glitter lid to coat the tips and then any bits which needed filling in i used either my fingers or a nail art brush to get it precise.

I then waited for this to dry and coated it with a fair few coats of clear polish to set it.

I did my left hand first and then left it an hour or two to prevent it from smudging as i would have cried! It always seems to happen to me whenever my nail polish is looking good!

If this comes off before Christmas Day, i might have a go at snowflake nails. Ooooo.


The Christmas Tag


So the lovely Dee from Prompts by Dee has tagged me to do this christmas post. I was also tagged by Katie of Plus+ BeautyΒ to do a jolly blogger award so i thought i best not let these lovely girls down! You should definitely check out their blogs as they are amazing & both these girls are darlings!

I’ve decided to take some of the christmas questions from both to make it fair! πŸ˜€

-What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

Ooo definitely somewhere cold and snowy. Maybe New York. Such wonderful christmas decorations and lights with the added bonus of snow! It wouldn’t be the same somewhere hot! CentreParcs is also a good bet, they have such cute light up deer and it’s a great feeling being away from the cities and crowds! (and work!)

What is your Favourite winter clothing?

Christmas jumper or new cosy pj’s! Christmas and winter isn’t complete without new warm pj’s πŸ™‚

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

This reminds me of one Christmas where my mum and stepdad just said ‘it’s technically christmas’ when it got to about 2am so we opened all the presents! Oops! Normally, if my mums got me some new pj’s we opened these so we could sleep in them! πŸ˜€

-What is your favourite Christmas drink or food?

Oh so much good food at Christmas! Cinnamon and raisin bagels always remind me of christmas as it’s what we normally eat for breakfast but nothing can beat a christmas dinner with EVERYTHING on there. and apple sauce with everything because i’m Bev and i’m disgusting! To drink, a cup of hot tea is the must have but a snowball is my alcohol of choice (closely followed by baileys – p.s if you don’t know what a snowball is – google it!)

-Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?

always failed at this. failed last year, already failed this year. My mother wrapped presents better than i ever could when she had her arm in a sling because of a broken collar bone. She’s great! One day i hope i can be as good as her!

What is your favourite Winter Makeup look?

Just the usual, good foundation based with lots of mascara and lip balm so my lips don’t look cracked! The cold air sorts my cheeks out with colour and voila! πŸ™‚

What is on your Christmas wish list?

Oooo, not a lot this year, i seem to have everything i want/need. Some lush stuff wouldn’t go a miss. But i’ll be happy with anything! I like buying presents for others really!

So, there you go! A few questions from both posts! Feel free to steal them and answer yourself!

Merry Christmas!


Getting Ready for Christmas

This weekend was the official ‘getting ready for christmas’ weekend! Me & Owain went to my mum’s & Stepdad’s to put their Christmas Tree up as it’s something i’ve been doing with my mum for a few years. We make a night of it, the boys play xbox / playstation and me and my mum put the tree up!

It’s always been such a giggle and i’m glad Owain got in on the action this year too! Here’s the tree in all it’s glory:

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

I took a few pictures because i love this tree! It’s huuuuuge!

Then my mum gave me and Owain our handmade wooden tree she had made for us! We chose not to buy a big tree for ourselves this year as we’re not going to be here over christmas and we wanted to put that money towards our holiday in March πŸ™‚

My mum made the tree from driftwood and carved our names into it – here it is:


We put some decorations on it and i’m planning on picking up some lights from town for cheap to put around it πŸ™‚ How good is it!

She also gave us an Advent Candle which is so pretty and burns for up to 80 hours so me and Owain will definitely be lighting this each night – it takes ages to burn to the next number though so i think it will last past christmas!

advent candle

Here they both are in all their glory!

christmas tree & candle

I now officially feel christmassy! Not long now!


My All Time Top 5 Christmas Films

We all love a good film, but Christmas is the time when the classics as well as the favourites come out and for some films, they are only acceptable to watch at Christmas time! So i thought i’d share my top 5 Films i love to watch at Christmas!


Die Hard.


Stay with me now. Owain makes me watch this on Christmas eve so, naturally it had to make the list. I apologise.




Even if you hate Will Ferrel, this film has a blonde Zooey Deschanel in it so you really can’t go wrong! It’s christmassy and will leave you quoting it for years to come. SANTA! OH MY GOD, I KNOW HIM!


The Holiday.


Oooo, i love this film! I watch this film all year round but as it’s set at Christmas i like to bust it out every Christmas! It’s about getting over people and finding happiness (and i mean, who can go wrong with Jack Black?).


Love, Actually.

love, actually

This is also a film i watch all year round but i also love watching at Christmas! I love films set at Christmas and this one never gets old. About the lives of different people entwined with lots of twists and turns. Eeeee.



home alone

If you don’t watch this at Christmas then get out. It’s on without fail and is one of the classic Christmas films. I wouldn’t have been able to leave this out of my top 5! I think i’ll be watching this film for years to come!

What are your favourite Christmas films? I’ve probably missed loads off but these are my ultimate top 5 which i could watch over and over every Christmas and never get bored. Number 5 is an exception as Owain will make me watch it until i like it!