PR & Press

If i receive a product to sample or test for a Press Release or PR sample, this will always be disclosed on the review by a * followed by confirmation the product was gifted to me.

I will not accept products that i am not interested in as this would not be a true and factual review and i do not want to put across false information. Any product i do not accept will be sent back to the originator with an explanation as to why.

I do not accept bribes and will not include information in any review which i am advised to write. Anything i write in my blog is a true and accurate review of how i feel about a product and how it has worked for me. This is with the aim that all my followers can be sure the product has been tested fairly and an accurate review has taken place.

My blog has not been set up purely to receive free samples or PR gifts and nor do i intend to run my blog like this at any point in the future. My blog is for me to share my thoughts, ideas & reviews with my followers and any PR samples or free products to review is a bonus and one i will disclose as mentioned above.

Product Testing 

Any product I review will have been tested prior to my review being posted and i will advise within my post how long i tested it for. This may be different for each product due to the size and time needed in order to test.

My Blog

The products and reviews i write (unless stated) are all my own views and do not represent or reflect the views of the brand or of how i feel about the brand. I am not writing to offend or disrespect and if any issues are brought to my attention i will do my upmost to address these.

I will not tolerate abusive comments or questions and i reserve the right to remove these comments and report the user. I feel blogging should be about freedom of speech and people shouldn’t be afraid of cyber bullies or abuse on their own blog. If i witness this on anybody else’s blog i will ensure they are reported to help stop abuse and bullying via blogging.

I reserve the right to decline any guest writer if i do not feel comfortable doing this and this is in no way a reflection on how i feel about your blog or you as a person. Guest Writer’s will be reviewed on an individual basis.

So, that’s all the boring stuff out of the way.



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