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Bonjour all my lovely readers & followers…. Just to let you know that Beverbeee has moved to a new home. I was getting really down with the layout and the photo quality on wordpress that i moved my content to blogger and started fresh.

I have a new post going up tomorrow and have some new posts already posted if you wish to have a look. It would mean a lot.

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Garnier Micellar Water

I’m a little behind the times when it comes to Garnier’s Micellar Water – i’ve read so many positive reviews about it but for some reason, have not purchased it. I think it’s because i’ve had my Clinique ‘Take the Day off’ make up remover which has lasted me so long! My Micellar water woes were no more when i opened this months My Little Box which contained a small bottle of this beauty which everyone has been raving about for ages! I decided to use it every day for 1 week to see what all the fuss was about.

First Impressions

The bottle is so cute and pretty. It came in the small handbag friendly size which is great as you can take it with you when you travel! The bottle is see through and the detail is pink. It’s great as it’s not too in your face and it’s bottle design is really simple. It’s cap is easy to open and close (which is always a bonus) and you can easily see how much you’ve used and when you’re due to re stock!

Day 1

After the first use, my skin didn’t feel greasy and it felt like my face was thoroughly cleansed. All of my make up was removed, which was pretty good going seeing as though i was wearing Estée Lauder, double wear which we all know does not budge. It hasn’t made me break out after the first use & that’s always something i look for. Who wants a cleansing water which just makes you break out?

Day 2, 3, 4 and 5!

All above days were the same as day 1, i’m so impressed with this product! All the grime and make up from the day was removed, leaving my skin clean and fresh and it caused no breakouts. This cleansing water is great for when your skin doesn’t need a full stripping with water and face wash (as this can be really harsh on skin day in and day out i find) but this makes things so much easier on my skin!

Day 6 & 7

These days i had a good look at my skin to see if i could see any changes. I found i didn’t feel as though i had to wear as much make up which is always great as it meant my skin tone was evening out! Still no break outs either!

This cleansing water is my new best friend. I’m totally sold and now i know what all the fuss was about! No break outs and a very simple but effective way of removing not only make up but any dirt and grime on your skin when you’re not wearing make up! Full size at 400ml is usually approx £5 and the 125ml travel size is usually £2 but boots / superdrug always have deals on so you can pick them up cheaper! Have a browse on Boots here at the moment as they’re on offer! 

Do you love this cleanser?


Winter Skin: Clinique Moisture Surge

Clinique Moisture Surge 2

This little beauty is the must have moisturiser in winter! Clinique’s Moisture Surge Intensive is my favourite product for dry skin caused by harsh winter winds as well as dry from dehydration caused by central heating indoors.

As i have oily skin, i only use this at night. After i’ve cleansed i substitute my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel for this. It makes sure my skin gets the required moisture and doesn’t dry out. It helps when i put my foundation on in the morning as my skin doesn’t flake and crumble – which is always a bonus.

Having oily skin i was concerned i might wake up in a puddle of oil but it doesn’t make my skin produce any more oil than it usually does which i’m very surprised by!

This moisturiser is £34.00 for 50ml from – however, i received this in a gift bag when i spent a certain amount in October.  Clinique often have great offers where if you spend so much you get a free gift so i always look out for these when i’m stocking up!

Clinique Moisture SurgeDo you have a moisturiser you go to during winter?


And the winner is…..

& i said i never win anything, thanks Clare! 🙂 Great giveaway & i’m so looking forward to this!

Clare's Beauty

So as most of you know I have been doing a Benefit Cosmetic Giveaway to celebrate reaching 200 followers. So I’ve put everyone’s name into a randomizer and I can now reveal the winner is….


Congratulations! I’ll contact you shortly to sort out everything… But now I am going to bed!

Thank you to everyone who entered. I’ve loved hearing from you all and hope to make some good friends out of my new followers 🙂

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