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I’m a Twitter bird. I love socialising on Twitter and much prefer it over Facebook. Since starting my blog, I’ve met some of the most incredible people through Twitter and although I’ve never met them, I feel part of an amazing community.

Whether your blog about popular topics or very niche topics, you’ll always find a community to join. I’ve seen so many job opportunities and collaborations crop up on Twitter that I would never have seen had I not had some amazing people retweeting opportunities.

If you’ve never set foot on Twitter, now is the time! It’s so easy to use and connects you to the whole world and not just your friends or family.

I’m always looking for new friends on social media & you can find me here;

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Happy Blogiversary Beverbeee!

So, this July marks exactly one year since i started this blog. Starting out, i wanted something i could do as a hobby and i enjoyed writing so what better than to start a blog. I wanted to create an online diary which i could look back at in the future and say “look at all the amazing things i did”. What i didn’t imagine was how addictive blogging was. It wasn’t just writing about things i’m passionate about, it was connecting with other people.

I’m usually a person who prefers what she knows, – staying in, keeping to myself etc but blogging has made me open up and connect with all you lovely people whether it’s via wordpress, twitter or instagram! I find myself wanting to get involved and i’m working myself up to possibly attending events (watch this space, i’m still completely terrified of meeting new people) and i’m sure in another year things will be completely different.

I didn’t start my blog thinking i would receive free things and i’m still not under that impression. Although i have received some really great products and worked with some amazing brands, that’s not what blogging is about for me. I enjoy writing to connect with people – even if it’s only one person in the entire world. I know some great people in the blogging community and although i haven’t met other bloggers (YET!) they are the best community of people! Always there for each other and so supportive.

I’m still learning – my pictures are not the best and i’m well aware of that. Sometimes i have NO ideas what so ever about posts so there’s nothing for a few weeks but it’s my blog and i’d rather post when i have something to say rather than because i’ve told myself i will post a certain number of times etc.

I’m hoping blogging will bring more great opportunities to connect with others!

Thank you all so much for reading my ramblings and for connecting with me – you have no idea how much it means to me!


Why Your Vote Matters!

Why vote? I hear you say. Voting is something we are all eligible to do (providing you’re of age) and something which impacts us all, regardless of who you are or where you live. I was thinking last night about the general election coming up (exciting i know) and i got me thinking that a lot of people choose not to vote because they can’t be bothered, because they don’t understand politics or they think one vote won’t count anyway. Well i’m here to tell you it does.

  • It doesn’t impact me.

Voting and elections impact everyone. If you are of age, you should vote. Every part of the UK, people are elected to represent your area by holding elections. If you vote, you get a say in who represents you. If you don’t vote, you don’t. It’s as simple as that. Voting gives you a say on important issues – imagine if you disagreed with a political party but because you didn’t vote, you didn’t get a say and they ended up representing you when you don’t agree with their values?

  • My Vote won’t count, It’s only one Vote. 

Sorry my friend but every vote counts. I know it might not seem like it as you only have one vote but what if 500 people thought the same as you and didn’t vote. This could be the difference needed to elect someone the people want but if they don’t vote, how will we know!

  • I’m out of the country. 

Well my friend, you can register to vote via post or have someone elected do it on your behalf!

  • I have no idea about politics!

You don’t have to have a wealth of knowledge about politics. Find out who’s running for your area online or through media such as newspapers and the news and see who’s policies you agree and disagree with and cast your vote according to who you would want to represent you. Voila!

  • I can’t be bothered.

People have fought and died in their bid to secure a vote. If you’re a woman, think about all those women who fought and gave their lives for equal rights and the power to vote. Just because you now have that power, does not mean you shouldn’t use it because you can’t be bothered to vote. People in other countries still don’t have the ability to vote and are often ruled by dictators. We are lucky that we have a democracy and we allow the people of the country to vote for the people to represent us. Don’t take it for granted.

If you need more information or have further questions, they can generally all be answered here. It gives you informaiton on how to register to vote or vote by proxy and has answers to your FAQ’s!

The upcoming election is May 7th. Make sure you’re ready!


Big Throwback Thursday!

#TBT – Throwback Thursday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at old pictures and seeing how much things have changed, myself especially.

So while i was looking through the pictures i have on my laptop, i thought ‘why not share them with the entire internet’! An entire huge post  dedicated to throwing right back!


First up – A picture from when i went to Harry Potter Studios in Watford last year. Such a good trip but it was so tiring. It made me so happy to relive Harry Potter and see all the props and sets they used, i even got to try a bit of Butterbeer! Definitely worth a trip if you haven’t been – it’s a great day out. See this post for more of this trip!

16 year old bev

What can i say – this was YEARS ago and i mean years! A family trip to London – i had been rained on, it was windy and somewhere inside me thought the middle parting was a good look. Well done 15 year old Bev, you were bloody gorgeous. I also seem to be either high on caffeine or just really happy to have a Starbucks. Or slightly terrified. Or all 3. You decide.

me and ryan xmas

Me & my brother, Christmas day 2011. We decided it was cool to wear those christmas tag/bow things in our hair. You saw it here first! Also, i really like my hair like this. I seem to remember it took ages to curl as it was so short! #memories.

lloyds farewell ball

I love this dress! I still have it, just no where to wear it too! This was the end of my previous job’s leaving do as the building we worked in was closing and moving somewhere else so it was a goodbye to everyone! (From what i remember) it was a great night and everyone looked beautiful!

me and ryan little

This is my favourite ever throwback. Right back to when me and my brother wore these amazing matching pj suit things and just chilled out like the awesome kids we were. Kidding, we were terrors really – my brother once set the oven on fire and i sprayed bleach in his eyes at my nans. I think i have a drumstick lolly in my hand, which makes this photo even better ❤

butlins jumping

Last but not least, this energetic throwback to Butlins! I was unsure why this picture happened but i think it was just being excited to be there. It was 90’s weekend, the best decade if you ask me ;). Also, my face is hilarious. Don’t care.


Show me yours!


2014: My Year

I was having a look through my Facebook at what has happened to me this year and i realised i forgot a lot of the good things, so what better way to remember them than to have a little look back through them!

These are my highlights!

 January 2014

xmas party 2014 2

I went to the work Christmas party: this was always in January as it was cheaper and when everyone could go (there is about 200 people working in my office) but it was changed this year to December so technically we had 2! My hair was pretty much jet black / very very dark brown and i was trying to grow it which still has not changed.

February 2014 

Open University

I started my Open University degree in Criminology & Psychology! Something i was very much looking forward too and it didn’t disappoint.I finished the module in September 2014 which a 77% pass mark which to say i haven’t studied since college 5/6 years ago was amazing to me! My next module starts in February 2015 and i’m excited to see what it brings!

March 2014

Paris 2014

Me & Owain went to Paris! I decided we should go to Paris for his birthday and it was amazing! The weather was perfect and the people were lovely. We ate crepes and drank coffee outside cafe’s and ordered pastries. Almost saw Marc Jacobs but decided walking across his red carpet after he had vacated was good enough for me. We saw all the sights and eventually found an American diner because we still aren’t great at speaking French!

April 2014


April was the time for Harry Potter Studio tour in Watford! I did a post on it here if you want to have a look but it was incredible. Seeing all the props from the film, drinking butterbeer and generally just having a great time with the best ones. Also, the train journeys to get there and back were sooo long, but worth it!

May 2014


May was Sunshine, Sunburn & One Direction. I travelled with a friend and her family to Sunderland to see One Direction and i’m not going to lie, it was great! I also got awfully sunburnt from a day in the park with Owain. More of this sunshine next year please & i promise to wear suncream!

June 2014

world cup faces

In June, me and Owain watched the World Cup, ate a whole lot of pizza and when we weren’t watching football we binged on new of Orange is the new Black and past seasons of Community!  Summer was SO good!

July 2014

July was when i started blogging. It started out of boredom and then i got used to writing and rambling to anyone who reads. It’s turned out to be quite relaxing and i will definitely be continuing in the future.


July, me & owain moved into our new flat by the river in Kelham island. such a modern but cosy flat and i love it! It’s perfect in summer to have the balcony door open and let the fresh air in and in winter, looking outside while you’re so warm wrapped up inside feels amazing!

tour de france

We also were lucky enough to be able to watch the Tour de France go by and cheer them on! Pictures were so hard to take as you don’t realise just how fast they are actually cycling!

August 2014


My hair finally went blonde! after months of dying and trying to make sure it didn’t go bright ginger! Plus, i’ve resisted the urge to dye it brown again. I like being my natural colour!

September 2014

Photo on 17-09-2014 at 21_Fotor

I cut my hair. It felt soooo good. The ends were so dry and damaged and horrible. My hair wasn’t even that long, but taking a centimetre off makes a huge difference for me but it definitely needed it! According to my Facebook i also drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of takeaways. 🙂

October 2014


I turned 24 and someone posted this picture on my Facebook. Perfectly sums me up 😉 I had a great meal with my friends at Bella Italia & Owains mum also made me some hand knitted mittens for winter which are perfect!

November 2014

Blogging brought me a great opportunity to write and contribute to GlossyFinds, a beauty website. The people there are lovely and have helped me so much! They promoted me to Editorial Assistant and now i help with the day to day running of the website, writing newsletters while still writing the occasional post. I couldn’t have asked for more!

christmas jumper

I bought my first EVER christmas jumper! I have never bought one before and i have no real reason or excuse! But it had bells on it so in my eyes i went all out for this christmas season!


This was the month i also really went to town on my nail art. Dots, splashes etc, you name it i tried it. mostly failed, but at least i tried.

December 2014

christmas meal

Had a great christmas meal with the friends, received amazing secret santa gifts, ate far too much food and drank some pretty great cocktails.


Also, we found the best breakfast and coffee place EVER. Totally need to go again soon. I feel like making it a monthly tradition…

christmas tree & candle

My mum made me & owain our very own wooden tree for christmas. It’s awesome & i think this will be out every year with little christmas lights on even if we buy ourselves an actual tree!

It’s really nice to look back through things at the end of every year and i’ve remembered things i realise i don’t want to forget – Tour de France, Paris, time with family & friends.

I feel so lucky for this year & i’m looking forward to next year!