Supporting The British Heart Foundation

My Employer supports the British Heart Foundation and every so often, they do something great to raise money to provide support for them. They also match any donations received so we can support the charity to the maximum.

This year, they have organised a bike ride from Glasgow to London and Owain, my lovely boyfriend is cycling  from Sheffield to Leicester.

The British Heart Foundation means a lot to me and not just because my employer is raising money to support them but because my close family has suffered with heart problems so i’m no stranger to pain. My family was lucky but i know there are other’s who aren’t and if any small amount of donations i raise on behalf of Owain’s cycling, i will feel proud to have supported such a great charity which does such good work.

If you can donate, however big or small, then please do – you can do this by visiting our Just Giving page here  – please leave your name and a small message or comment here if you do donate, so i can make sure to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you are unable to donate for any reason, or simply cannot – please leave comments of support for Owain and i’ll make sure it keeps him motivated. 🙂

I’ll also let you know how he gets on, the ride is in September and it means at least if nothing else, i get rid of him for half a day 😉


Four Things.


Ari, over at Comics & Cookies tagged me in her ‘4 things’ post and i love love love reading about other people so i decided to provide a bit more of an insight into the crazy girl behind the blog. (Also, Visit Ari’s site – it’s crazy good!)

Four places I’ve lived: 

  • Scunthorpe when i lived with my mum.
  • Upperthorpe in Sheffield when i first moved to the city.
  • The Wicker in Sheffield – Yeah, don’t ask.
  • & now, Kelham Island, Sheffield!

Four jobs I’ve had: 

  • Staff Trainer at Mcdonalds
  • Lloyds TSB Mortgage Service
  • Santander Collections Complaints
  • Coffee shop assistant when i was a teen!

Four things I don’t eat

  • Sprouts
  • Tomatoes
  • Marzipan
  • Watermelon

Four of my favourite foods

  • Chilli
  • Curry (Korma, i’m no animal)
  • Roast Potatoes
  • Can’t go wrong with a Kebab. (Okay, maybe i am an animal)

Four films I’ve watched more than once

  • About Time
  • Top Gun
  • Love Actually
  • Kill Bill

Four TV Shows I watch 

  • Once Upon A Time
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • House of Cards
  • Game of Thrones

Four things I’m looking forward to this year

  • My 25th Birthday in October – I don’t think i’m doing anything but still.
  • Being back home during the week (i’m currently working away)
  • Finishing my 2nd module of my University Degree
  • Christmas, because who doesn’t?

Four things I can’t live without

  • Tea tea tea tea (Kept Ari’s answer because, she’s totally right!)
  • Cinnamon and Raisin Bagels
  • My Phone (this pains me, i feel so modern)
  • My Bed.

Four things about Owain – My better half.

  • He sunburns BADLY & it’s great (i am no longer alone)
  • He REALLY likes his PS4 & Xbox.
  • He cooks
  • He owns more than 3 coffee machines.

Four places I’ve visited

  • New York, USA
  • Paris, France
  • Nice, France
  • London, UK

Four pet peeves

  • Being able to hear people while i’m trying to sleep.
  • People who think they’re entitled to everything.
  • Nasty People.
  • People who cough without covering their mouth.

Four things I wish I could do

  •  Apply make up better.
  • Drive (LAME)
  • Wake up earlier.
  • Grow my hair.

Four subjects I studied at school

  • Drama
  • French
  • History
  • Dance

Four things near me right now

  • My phone
  • Lemon Bon Bons (YIPEEE)
  • My Watch
  • Owains Ray Bans

I hope you now know me a little better, feel free to steal this and complete yourself!

Leave your comments,


The Sunday Post

Happy Sunday guys, I’m really disappointed it’s not another bank holiday weekend this weekend as i’ve got quite used to having Monday off! Ah well, we can’t have everything.

In a week where everybody had different and contrasting opinions about the election, here is what i was loving this week…

The Countryside

castleton countryside

I went to Castleton with Owain and his mum and step dad as it was his mums birthday. We had an amazing carvery followed by a short walk around the countryside. I managed to get some photos but it rained about 15 minutes after they were taken so it was back in the car and home for a cup of tea!

castleton countryside

It was really refreshing to get out into the countryside when the weather is nice, it makes me wish i had a car! Once the weather warms up a bit more i’m sure ill be out getting sunburn walking around the peak district 🙂



I am such a tea addict that it’s nice to have a coffee every now and then but recently i’ve been making a trip to Starbucks every morning before work. It even got to the point where the tram was late and i couldn’t get my morning coffee and i’ve never been so annoyed in my life. I felt like part of me was missing for the day!



I love love love my baths and recently i’ve been having a bath every night, instead of a shower. I find them so relaxing and i can read or watch youtube videos and be all warm. Showers are great for when you’re in a hurry but i’m currently addicted to having bubble baths!

& one thing i haven’t enjoyed this week…

University work!

Open University

I have an essay due on on 13th May and i always leave it until the last moment, so my Saturday night was spent writing just over 1400 words on an essay which on Saturday morning, i had no idea about anything in relation to it. Luckily, the panic subsided and i actually realised i have learnt something but still, the writing part was not enjoyable!

What have you been loving this week?


Blood Brothers – A Review

blood brothers ticketI have been a bad bad blogger over the past few weeks. I have been away with work and only back on the weekends which does not give me enough time to do anything for myself such as see friends and family let alone blog!

So, to update you with something i did over the past few weeks: i went to the Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield to see Blood Brothers. I’ve already seen this musical before about 3/4 times when i was at school and college and it will never ever get boring for me.

For those of you who don’t know, Blood Brothers is the story of two brothers who were parted at birth but meet later in childhood and become friends, not knowing they are brothers. It follows their friendship and also the struggles of their families as they are completely different – one being working class and the other middle class. I won’t say any more than that however, it’s such a good story and very tense and emotional pretty much all the way through whether you are laughing or crying!

Blood Brothers always has an amazing cast and this time was no exception – Marti Pellow and Maureen Nolan were among the outstanding cast. I’ll always have a soft spot for any actor who plays Mickey too, his Liverpudlian accent and his cheeky face just make me smile!

I managed to get front row tickets for opening night and it was unbelievable. If you haven’t seen this musical, you should! I think it’s about time i saw more musicals and plays too! I love that Sheffield has a theatre which showcases some of the best musicals and plays out there and i can see them all just on my doorstep.

Do you have any favourite musicals or are you due to see any shortly? I really want to see the Woman in Black again, so scary!


2014: My Year

I was having a look through my Facebook at what has happened to me this year and i realised i forgot a lot of the good things, so what better way to remember them than to have a little look back through them!

These are my highlights!

 January 2014

xmas party 2014 2

I went to the work Christmas party: this was always in January as it was cheaper and when everyone could go (there is about 200 people working in my office) but it was changed this year to December so technically we had 2! My hair was pretty much jet black / very very dark brown and i was trying to grow it which still has not changed.

February 2014 

Open University

I started my Open University degree in Criminology & Psychology! Something i was very much looking forward too and it didn’t disappoint.I finished the module in September 2014 which a 77% pass mark which to say i haven’t studied since college 5/6 years ago was amazing to me! My next module starts in February 2015 and i’m excited to see what it brings!

March 2014

Paris 2014

Me & Owain went to Paris! I decided we should go to Paris for his birthday and it was amazing! The weather was perfect and the people were lovely. We ate crepes and drank coffee outside cafe’s and ordered pastries. Almost saw Marc Jacobs but decided walking across his red carpet after he had vacated was good enough for me. We saw all the sights and eventually found an American diner because we still aren’t great at speaking French!

April 2014


April was the time for Harry Potter Studio tour in Watford! I did a post on it here if you want to have a look but it was incredible. Seeing all the props from the film, drinking butterbeer and generally just having a great time with the best ones. Also, the train journeys to get there and back were sooo long, but worth it!

May 2014


May was Sunshine, Sunburn & One Direction. I travelled with a friend and her family to Sunderland to see One Direction and i’m not going to lie, it was great! I also got awfully sunburnt from a day in the park with Owain. More of this sunshine next year please & i promise to wear suncream!

June 2014

world cup faces

In June, me and Owain watched the World Cup, ate a whole lot of pizza and when we weren’t watching football we binged on new of Orange is the new Black and past seasons of Community!  Summer was SO good!

July 2014

July was when i started blogging. It started out of boredom and then i got used to writing and rambling to anyone who reads. It’s turned out to be quite relaxing and i will definitely be continuing in the future.


July, me & owain moved into our new flat by the river in Kelham island. such a modern but cosy flat and i love it! It’s perfect in summer to have the balcony door open and let the fresh air in and in winter, looking outside while you’re so warm wrapped up inside feels amazing!

tour de france

We also were lucky enough to be able to watch the Tour de France go by and cheer them on! Pictures were so hard to take as you don’t realise just how fast they are actually cycling!

August 2014


My hair finally went blonde! after months of dying and trying to make sure it didn’t go bright ginger! Plus, i’ve resisted the urge to dye it brown again. I like being my natural colour!

September 2014

Photo on 17-09-2014 at 21_Fotor

I cut my hair. It felt soooo good. The ends were so dry and damaged and horrible. My hair wasn’t even that long, but taking a centimetre off makes a huge difference for me but it definitely needed it! According to my Facebook i also drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of takeaways. 🙂

October 2014


I turned 24 and someone posted this picture on my Facebook. Perfectly sums me up 😉 I had a great meal with my friends at Bella Italia & Owains mum also made me some hand knitted mittens for winter which are perfect!

November 2014

Blogging brought me a great opportunity to write and contribute to GlossyFinds, a beauty website. The people there are lovely and have helped me so much! They promoted me to Editorial Assistant and now i help with the day to day running of the website, writing newsletters while still writing the occasional post. I couldn’t have asked for more!

christmas jumper

I bought my first EVER christmas jumper! I have never bought one before and i have no real reason or excuse! But it had bells on it so in my eyes i went all out for this christmas season!


This was the month i also really went to town on my nail art. Dots, splashes etc, you name it i tried it. mostly failed, but at least i tried.

December 2014

christmas meal

Had a great christmas meal with the friends, received amazing secret santa gifts, ate far too much food and drank some pretty great cocktails.


Also, we found the best breakfast and coffee place EVER. Totally need to go again soon. I feel like making it a monthly tradition…

christmas tree & candle

My mum made me & owain our very own wooden tree for christmas. It’s awesome & i think this will be out every year with little christmas lights on even if we buy ourselves an actual tree!

It’s really nice to look back through things at the end of every year and i’ve remembered things i realise i don’t want to forget – Tour de France, Paris, time with family & friends.

I feel so lucky for this year & i’m looking forward to next year!