Goodbye Glossybox


I started my Glossybox journey in February 2014. It was new to me and receiving a box each month for a set price with products i could try and fall in love with that i had never heard of before.

It started out great – new and amazing mascaras, eyeliners, body lotion. Every month i was excited to see what this month’s box brought. Then, slowly, the products stopped being relevant to me. I was hardly using any of the products in the box. Maybe i’d try it out but then i would stay in the box and a few months later, i would have a pile of boxes holding products i had never used and never had the intention of using.

Then i had a clear out. I worked out how much money i would have saved if i hadn’t opted into Glossybox compared to how many of the products i actually used. Then i started thinking what else i could have bought that i would definitely have used with that money. Oh the pain.

So that’s it. I cancelled it. June will be my last box and i’m hoping it’s a good one. I’m still signed up to My Little Box, as i think it has a variety of lifestyle and beauty products which just get better each month. I love it! I think now though i will save the money and buy myself a treat each month that i know i will enjoy!

What about you? Have you found these beauty boxes are amazing or not so much?


Prairie Charms Subscription Box

The other day i received the best thing in the mail that i have in a while. I’m used to my usual subscription boxes – My Little Box & GlossyBox but when i subscribed to Prairie Charms, i wasn’t quite sure what i would receive.

Prairie Charms is all about pretty. Pretty jewellery, pretty hair accessories, pretty much pretty everything. I subscribed as one of their bloggers to review the box and i was excited to see what it was like. Low and behold i was not surprised!

I purchased some products off their website not so long ago and i haven’t stopped wearing my yellow headband so i wanted to see if i could fall in love with their other products like this.

It was overflowing with beautiful pieces. I received gorgeous hair ties and hair bands. The cutest bracelets and necklace. Adorable Paper straws, gourmet popcorn and popcorn bags to enjoy it from. Super Pretty Hair Clips and Nail Stickers. I was blown away.

prairie pizzazz box prairie charms

prairie pizzazz hair

prairie pizzazz box2

prairie pizzazz

I am so impressed with this as it’s not your usual beauty subscription box and i honestly love everything in the box. It’s perfect for spring/summer with all the floral patterns and they chose things which they thought i would love and colours i like. They did a damn good job!

Have a look at my other Prairie Charms purchases or visit their website to have a look at what they have to offer. They are always super excited to meet new Prairie Charms lovers so head over to twitter and say hi – @Prairie_Charms !

Do you love this as much as i do?


Spring & Summer Nails

Apparently, it’s meant to be Spring. Or Summer. Looking outside it does not look that way. Clouds, Rain, Wind! Sadface.

So i thought why not inject a bit of Spring colour into my nails to really get me in the mood for Spring. Even if it doesn’t want to show it’s face just quite yet.

Spring Nails 3

So here are my pretty Spring nail colours that i am going to be wearing this season!

Topshop Nails in ‘Everybody Get Up’ 

£6.00 Topshop

This is a lovely pastel purple with little white flecks in it. It dries really quickly but you need a few coats to really see the purple on your nails. It’s a perfect girly colour with a hint of speckle!

Colour Couture in ‘White’

£8.00 BHS (For the entire set)

I don’t think that’s the name of this colour but it doesnt’ come with a specific name so i’m just going to call it white! I got this in a nail polish set from BHS from a work colleague at Christmas and i love this white colour. White makes any hint of a tan ‘pop’ and is such a clean crisp colour for the hotter months!

Nails Inc – The Optic Collection in ‘Optic Wave’

£15.00 Nails Inc

I got this polish free when buying some Nails Inc products and i’ve searched online but don’t think this is available anymore (shoot me if it’s not, i’ve never been great at searching online) but i did find Nails Inc in Queens Gardens which is similar so if you need an aqua colour like this, this is a good match! I love aqua nails and it always reminds me of the sea abroad, that clear blue/green look. Prefect for your summer holidays!

Topshop Matte Nails in ‘Sixteen Candles’

£6.00 Topshop

This is a perfect nude metallic matte shade which goes with any outfits, night or day and really adds a touch of pretty to your nails. If you can’t decide on a nail colour and think it might clash, choose this and you can wear it through every summer holiday outfit!

Mavala in ‘Pistachio’

£4.75 Boots

I love a good strange colour for summer. Forget your pinks, reds and purples. What i want is a pistachio coloured polish to make my nails stand out. Can be used for a signature nail or going the full whack but whatever you choose to do, this colour will get you noticed. I did a gradient look with this and the Nails Inc polish and everyone noticed.

I’m currently wearing the Topshop Everybody Get Up –

Topshop Nails Everybody Get Up

I have more nails polishes than i can count and never have time to wear them all! These are just a select favourite few that i will be wearing over the coming months. A yellow might sneak in their too – depends how i’m feeling!

What are your Spring/Summer polishes for this year?


Prairie Charms & The Make A Wish Foundation

prairie charms

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Prairie Charms about their current collaboration with The Make A Wish Foundation. For every order they receive, they are donating 25% towards the Make A Wish Foundation which grants wishes to children and young people who are suffering from life-threatening conditions. Reading this & browsing their site i had to get involved.

I purchased a Blue Hair Bow and Some Purple Heart Nail Stickers. They provided me with 25% off and i felt an overwhelming sense of good. I had not only bought some amazingly cute accessories but i had also helped a good cause while doing so.

Prairie Charms also offered to send 2 free gifts with my offer of which i received a beautiful yellow hair band and two hair ties which are bright and bold and can also be used as bracelets without looking like wearing bobbles on your wrist.

Prairie Charms appealed to me as they are a make everything by hand and also 10% of all profits go towards the Great Ormond Street Hospital.  In addition, if you can’t find a product you like, they will make a custom one especially for you.

Take a look at what amazingly beautiful products came through my door – the packaging is adorable as well!

prairie charms packaging 2

prairie charms packaging

prairie charms nail stickers

prairie charms hair ties

Prairie charms headband

prairie charms hair bow

prairie charms gifts

I’m so excited to use these and show them off. I’ve already made good use out of the hair ties, they are a great accessory!

Prairie Charms are looking to branch out to bloggers and the public so if you want to get involved go browse their website here. You can also find them on twitter here. Follow them for regular updates about their upcoming offers!

Have you shopped at Prairie Charms yet? If not, go now!


Glossybox: March 2015

I’m a little late to this party as i’ve only just picked this up from the Post Office. I hate it when i’m not in for parcels. Boohoo.

So, not wanting to wait i decided to check out what was in this month’s box. To be honest, i’ve always loved the items i’ve received in my Glossybox, bar one or two and this was is no exception!

glossybox march

As usual, this was a normal pink Glossybox with details on what’s in the box and sneak peeks of what’s coming next time… The Full size Lord & Berry Crayon Lipstick looks VERY appealing!

So, what was in this month’s box?…

Dove Haircare March Glossybox

I have a habit of buying so many shampoo and conditioner sets from different brands before i’ve even finished the rest. I think i have around 4 different types in my bathroom at the moment! So, when i saw these i was very pleased. These are shampoo and conditioner for ageing hair – and with all the hair dye that goes on my head i’m sure my hair needs a bit of TLC. I’ve always loved Dove products so i’m glad these were in this month’s box!

glossybox march peel

This is Naobay moisturising peel which is an exfoliating polish. It has particles from the acai tree to remove dead skin while making sure you get the glowing and luminous look. This all sounds pretty good, i can’t wait to try it! Also, the packaging on this is beautiful – the lid is actually wooden. Very posh!

glossybox march essence mascara

I love essence mascara. So cheap but they definitely work for me! I had a previous mascara i received in a previous Glossybox and i used it religiously until Benefit’s  Roller Lash came along but i’m hoping this will be as good as i was thinking the other day that i needed some more mascara. This promises dramatic volume. I hope so!

Glossybox March NCLA Polish

Now, i’m always very wary of Nail Polish. I also seem to always get pink or red in my Glossybox, hmm. I have so many pink shades but this one looks like a nice fresh shade for spring. A colour that can give a little ‘pop’ to your fingernails and even toenails. It’s quite a good sized pot as well as the last pink nail polish i received was TINY.

glossybox march poutpaint

This is the only product i have issues with this month. For a start the packaging looks a bit run down and i thought it was actually a really old product when i first saw it. It’s not very appealing to the eyes. So i thought i’d open it and try it.

It says, shake up and apply to lips. It also says you can mix it with other colours to create lipstick. So i shook it and applied some to the back of my hand first.

Pout Paint

The first thing that came out was just clear thick liquid, like a colourless lip gloss. Then came the colour. A bright orange colour. You can see on the picture it wasn’t mixed in properly (and this is after i had used my finger to mix it up.

Now, i don’t know about you but my lips are a pink/red colour. When i put this on it just sat there all orangey and gooey. I couldn’t even bring myself to wear it long enough to take a picture. It felt horrible on my lips, greasy and oily. I’ve seen other boxes which had reds and pinks of this product which would have been great but i think the fact mine was bright orange was a bit of a let down. Sadface.

Glossy Box March 2015

If you’re interested in signing up to Glossybox follow this link to their website and have a browse around! They have different subscription packages and rates to match those.

They also have one of a kind boxes on sale every so often including Mothers Day boxes and other Limited Edition ones!

What did you think of your Glossybox this month? Is it getting better or worse?