Work: Dress Up or Keep It Casual?

So, i have a question… It’s something that’s always been on my mind whenever i’m at work or out with people from work when i’m not at work.

This might just be me wondering this but i hope it’s not. I had a conversation at work the other day about when you see somebody outside of work and they look exactly the same as they do in work. Not in terms of, they’re a whole different person but in terms of hair, make up, clothes etc. Those people who wear a full face of make up to work, the same as they do when they go out on a night out. Or who dress up and wear heels everyday and have their hair perfectly done everyday – like they would for an evening out.

Now, usually at work, i randomly shove clothes on that quite frankly may not even look good/go together/be weather appropriate but i’m not one for sculpting my hair into a perfect ‘do’ or bringing out the red lipstick for work but, i have seen people who do this.

So, my question is – should you make more of an effort for work? I mean, i’m there most of my day but i can’t help feeling that if i did, when people saw me outside of work, i would look the same and no one would go ‘wow, look at you, you look so different’. I think i would start to associate my work self with my going out self and getting ‘glammed up’ or experimenting with make up on a weekend would not be as much fun. Are you with me?

Is this just me? Or do you feel the same? Someone please make this easier for me!


Garnier Micellar Water

I’m a little behind the times when it comes to Garnier’s Micellar Water – i’ve read so many positive reviews about it but for some reason, have not purchased it. I think it’s because i’ve had my Clinique ‘Take the Day off’ make up remover which has lasted me so long! My Micellar water woes were no more when i opened this months My Little Box which contained a small bottle of this beauty which everyone has been raving about for ages! I decided to use it every day for 1 week to see what all the fuss was about.

First Impressions

The bottle is so cute and pretty. It came in the small handbag friendly size which is great as you can take it with you when you travel! The bottle is see through and the detail is pink. It’s great as it’s not too in your face and it’s bottle design is really simple. It’s cap is easy to open and close (which is always a bonus) and you can easily see how much you’ve used and when you’re due to re stock!

Day 1

After the first use, my skin didn’t feel greasy and it felt like my face was thoroughly cleansed. All of my make up was removed, which was pretty good going seeing as though i was wearing Estée Lauder, double wear which we all know does not budge. It hasn’t made me break out after the first use & that’s always something i look for. Who wants a cleansing water which just makes you break out?

Day 2, 3, 4 and 5!

All above days were the same as day 1, i’m so impressed with this product! All the grime and make up from the day was removed, leaving my skin clean and fresh and it caused no breakouts. This cleansing water is great for when your skin doesn’t need a full stripping with water and face wash (as this can be really harsh on skin day in and day out i find) but this makes things so much easier on my skin!

Day 6 & 7

These days i had a good look at my skin to see if i could see any changes. I found i didn’t feel as though i had to wear as much make up which is always great as it meant my skin tone was evening out! Still no break outs either!

This cleansing water is my new best friend. I’m totally sold and now i know what all the fuss was about! No break outs and a very simple but effective way of removing not only make up but any dirt and grime on your skin when you’re not wearing make up! Full size at 400ml is usually approx £5 and the 125ml travel size is usually £2 but boots / superdrug always have deals on so you can pick them up cheaper! Have a browse on Boots here at the moment as they’re on offer! 

Do you love this cleanser?


My Little Beauty

My favourite time of the month is when i receive My Little Box, a french beauty box with a mixture of lifestyle and beauty products to keep you occupied all month. What i’ve really been impressed with in these boxes, is their own beauty range ‘My Little Beauty’. I’ve received micellar water, conditioner and even a beautiful shade of red/pink lipstick. I’m excited to see what other products they introduce me too! They come in the cutest packaging and are a great size for taking on holiday or occupying the corner of your bathroom.

My little beauty body scrub

This body scrub was in the most recent box. It’s a lovely aquamarine colour and smells amazing. Unfortunately, at the moment i have a skin rash so i haven’t tried this all over but i’ve tried it on my hands – it is a little on the harsh side but i’m not sure whether this is because my skin is very sensitive at the moment. Even so, this scrub will exfoliate your skin like nothing before and will leave you feeling like you’re at the beach, with it’s summer smell.

my little beauty conditioner

Oooo, i love a good conditioner and I’m loving this at the moment. It’s such a soft conditioner and it smells amazing! You can use it as a hair mask or just use it as normal on the mid lengths to ends of your hair. Either way, this leaves my hair soft and bouncy and does not leave any greasy residue, which is always a bonus!

my little beauty face tint

Who doesn’t love a good face tint in summer. This is a pink/peachy face tint which seems scary at first but it acts like a highlighter, giving a glow to your face. It might not cover imperfections or blemishes however it can be used all over, followed by some concealer for a light weight summer beach glow. This is going to become my go to face tint for the summer. Don’t worry if it goes on really pink, when its blended in, it fits in nicely – even if you’re super pale, like me.

my little beauty face

These two beauties are a great staple to have. Micellar water, to remove make up, dirt and oil and a face mist with vitamin E to refresh your skin. On days when i’m not wearing make up, Micellar water is great in the morning to remove any dirt and oil from overnight and then a blast of the face mist gives my skin a treat and a break from wearing make up.

I love love love the my little beauty products and i’m so happy they include one in each box. I can’t wait to see what i receive next month!


Beauty Habits You Need To Break

Recently, I’ve been thinking about things i have learnt that have pretty much changed my life in terms of beauty habits. I used to think i had it all figured out for myself and that what i did for my body, my face, my hair was okay and it would continue that way. I was wrong. There are some things that i needed to change and stop doing, in order to see a different and healthy looking person and i wanted to share them with you. I spent years believing i could get my hair to grow just by not cutting it and whenever i saw articles telling me i needed to trim regularly for it to grow healthy, i ignored them. How wrong i was.

So here are my 5 beauty habits i broke, which have made a difference to me and i hope they will encourage you to break your bad beauty habits (if you have any!) too! I’m not saying these apply to everyone but if you have any others please let me know below!

Not Finding Out Your Skin Type.

For ages, i used whatever face wash and moisturiser i picked up from boots or superdrug. Not reading the packaging, choosing mainly what i had seen on adverts. This left my skin dry and flaky and damn right annoying. It was super dry and tight after washing and even after moisturising. When i applied make up it flaked up even more causing my skin to look such a mess. One day, i wandered to the Clinique booth and they checked my skin to determine what type it was. Combination Oily is my thing now and i buy products to suit it. Since i’ve started doing this, theres no dryness after washing, my oil is under control (most days) and there are no flaky dry patches when i apply my make up. You don’t realise it but it’s something that helps a lot and it only takes 10 minutes but can change your life!

Squeezing Your Spots.

This is disgusting but we all do it! I used to do i religiously, if i had one, it had to be gone. I didn’t realise at the time but this actually made things worse. They were more red and noticeable and stuck around on my face for a hell of a lot longer. Instead, i dab a bit of Tea Tree on the area and leave well alone now. Usually this means they are no more after a day or two! Yay!

Not Trimming Your Hair When It Needs It. 

Ahh, total sucker for this one. For ages i’ve been ‘growing my hair’ but this just meant leaving it and not cutting it until it grew. Boy was i wrong! I didn’t realise it but my hair started to get matted and dry at the ends and was breaking off all over the place. Black top + Split ends = NO NO NO. It was not a pretty site. Although my hair had grown, it was breaking off and looking awful. I recently cut all the broken ends off and my hair has never felt softer or in better condition. I feel your pain in wanting long beautiful hair but you still need to have healthy hair to do it and that means regular trims! Don;t worry, it’s taken me about 10 years to learn that this actually helps the growing process.

Not Using Heat Protectant. 

I used to wash my hair everyday and in the process use a hair dryer and straighteners every day. Not once did i use heat protection. When i was younger, my hair had been around waist length until i got bored and convinced my mum to let me have it all chopped off. Since then, it’s never grown  past my shoulders (see also above point). I then realised by reading articles about hair that the amount of damage caused by heat appliances can cause more hair breakage. No one wants this, so i invested in heat protection sprays to use before i use any heat on my hair. Although you can’t see the benefits straight away, after a while you notice your hair stays in better condition. Imagine using curling tongs and going for that shiny tousled look only to end up with a dry matted frizzy look. Not what you want.

Not Using Moisturiser On Your Body. 

Your body is covered in skin but for ages i only bothered with moisturiser on my face. Why? Because it took too much time and effort for me to even think about doing any other part of my body. Looking back now, I wish i had been moisturising by entire skin all along. Whenever i get my legs out for the summer, they seem dull and dry and just awful. With daily moisturising, they soak up that moisture and they look healthier and less.. well.. dead. I would never not moisturise my face, as the dryness feels awful but we always forget out our skin. There’s some great in shower moisturisers out there that make this process a hell of a lot easier!

Tell me you big bad beauty habits in the comments below – let me know if you’ve broken them!


Summer Lips

Lipstick was never something i thought of as a staple in my make up bag. I’m totally a mascara kind of girl and i couldn’t go without it! Recently though, i’ve been seeing a lot of amazingly gorgeous lipstick colours popping up this year. Everyone from Clinique to Rimmel are making gorgeous lip colours.

I’ve not had the opportunity to own a MAC lipstick, but if i can get used to the idea of wearing lipstick – it might need to be a future investment!

So, to get me into the swing of wearing lipstick, i thought i’d show you my favourite lipsticks i own. Opinions welcome people – i need  to know if i should just stick to my trusty daily face and play it safe!

Lipstick Collage Topshop Rimmel Clinique Lord & Berry

I love a good collage! I figured this was the best way to compare the colours!

Top Row Left to Right – Topshop Beauty Lipstick in Innocent, Kate for Rimmel in Rossetto (shade 33), My Little Beauty Lipstick

Bottom Row Left to Right -Clinique Chubby Stick in Plumped up Pink (shade 17) & Lord & Berry Lip Crayon in Kiss.

Here are what they look like swatched (against my unbelievably pale arm)

Lipstick Swatches topshop rimmel my little beauty clinique lord & berry

From Left to Right are as above.

Topshop Lipstick in Innocent –  £8.00

This is a very very creamy lipstick which is a purple sort of colour. It works well to highlight the lips without being too ‘n your face’. It’s sort of a nude but with a tint of colour. I do find with the creamy formula i am very aware of it on my lip and it can be very off putting. Makes my lips feel like they’re melting. Overall though, i do love the colour!

Kate for Rimmel in Rossetto (Shade 33)  – £5.49

The colour is almost the same  as the Topshop Lipstick as you can see above however, it’s a less creamy formula which is always a win, This one has more of a pink tint than the Topshop Lipstick but even so, it blends well on my lips and gives them just a hint of colour. Perfect for summer days and nights.

My Little Beauty Lipstick – Inside My Little Box

This little beauty came with the subscription box ‘My Little Box’. It doesn’t have a shade (or if it does i’ve lost the leaflet that tells me!) but it’s a very pinky red colour. More pink based than the Topshop or Rimmel Lipsticks. When it’s on your lips it can look Red or Pink, depending on the light which i love! The only problem with this is that as it’s part of the beauty range for My Little Box, i don’t think i’ll ever get my hands on it again, so i’m trying not to get too attached.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Plumped Up Pink (Shade 17)  –  £17.00

This is more of a lip balm than a lipstick but the colour deposit is the same as a lipstick. It does look very sheer on the swatch but when on your lips, it enhances your natural lip colour. I love the fact this is a lip balm because you can top it up and it gives your lips moisture. Great for the really hot days when lipstick will just slide off your face! Pretty pricey for a lip balm though!

Lord & Berry Lip Crayon in Kiss – £10.00 

I got this in a previous Glossybox but you can buy it separately for £10.00. Pricey but this a a matte lip crayon with super staying power. If you ever need a red lip to last all day and night, this is your new best friend. Once on, you have a battle on your hands to get it off. I adore the colour but i never have anywhere to wear it out too. If you’re a bold soul, you can wear this day to day but for shy people like me, it’s more of a special occasion kind of deal. Cue summer BBQ’s and cocktail evenings. Just look how beautifully red it is in the picture above.

So, what do we think? Lipstick a yay or nay for this summer?

What are your favourite lipsticks?