St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion

I wrote a post a short while ago about embracing my pale skin. Before this however, i was all about trying to find the perfect fake tan for the summer in order to get my legs out without feeling like people thought i was the walking dead (it’s true i’m THAT pale!). I was dying to try the St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion as all the other fake tans i had tried were not working for me at all. It was either far too orange, far too streaky or far too difficult to apply or maintain. Then, i gave in and bought some of the new St Tropez Tan. It’s said to work in 3 minutes so you shower – lather yourself in the cream, leave it to work for 3 minutes and then rinse off, easy right? So how did this pale ‘un get on with this?

M first attempt did not go as planned. I tried it and the next day – nothing, not even a hint of tan. So i tried for 3 more days straight & still nothing. Was i doing something wrong? Was i just TOO PALE?! Now, i didn’t want to let that experience make up my mind as all the other reviews i had read did say they started to get a hint of a tan after using it consistently so i thought maybe i hadn’t been consistent enough. So, i decided to give this another try. I told myself i would use it for 7 days straight (or until i could see an actual colour change on my skin – i didn’t want to go too tanned straight away) and here is what happened;

Day 1 – First Use

I didn’t really see much of a change the first day except on the insides of my arms. I have a scar from a recent iron burn and this looked like a little line of tan on my skin, so i knew it was at least working on some part of my body! There was a faint smell of tan but not as bad as with other fake tans and that went after a few hours, which was good!

Day 2 – Second Use

I started to notice more of a glow on my arms after the second use. The smell came and went again as before which i didn’t mind too much, it was neither stronger or around for longer. My legs were still as pale as ever and i didn’t notice any change in them.

Day 3 – Third Use

My arms had a slight tinge of colour – not much but enough that i noticed although, no one else did. My legs were still as pale as they ever have been. I was beginning to become irritated by this product.

Day 4 – Fourth Use

Still nothing. Just a faint smell of fake tan.

Day 5 – Fifth & Final Use. 

I decided not to continue for 7 uses, because it was too disheartening not to see any change. And even on my fifth use i didn’t see any change.

I’ve read so many positive reviews on this product and seen so many pictures of people’s natural glow after use of this in shower tan but it just didn’t work for me. I shall stick to being pale & (at least a little) interesting i suppose!

Have you tried it? What do you think?


Spring & Summer Nails

Apparently, it’s meant to be Spring. Or Summer. Looking outside it does not look that way. Clouds, Rain, Wind! Sadface.

So i thought why not inject a bit of Spring colour into my nails to really get me in the mood for Spring. Even if it doesn’t want to show it’s face just quite yet.

Spring Nails 3

So here are my pretty Spring nail colours that i am going to be wearing this season!

Topshop Nails in ‘Everybody Get Up’ 

£6.00 Topshop

This is a lovely pastel purple with little white flecks in it. It dries really quickly but you need a few coats to really see the purple on your nails. It’s a perfect girly colour with a hint of speckle!

Colour Couture in ‘White’

£8.00 BHS (For the entire set)

I don’t think that’s the name of this colour but it doesnt’ come with a specific name so i’m just going to call it white! I got this in a nail polish set from BHS from a work colleague at Christmas and i love this white colour. White makes any hint of a tan ‘pop’ and is such a clean crisp colour for the hotter months!

Nails Inc – The Optic Collection in ‘Optic Wave’

£15.00 Nails Inc

I got this polish free when buying some Nails Inc products and i’ve searched online but don’t think this is available anymore (shoot me if it’s not, i’ve never been great at searching online) but i did find Nails Inc in Queens Gardens which is similar so if you need an aqua colour like this, this is a good match! I love aqua nails and it always reminds me of the sea abroad, that clear blue/green look. Prefect for your summer holidays!

Topshop Matte Nails in ‘Sixteen Candles’

£6.00 Topshop

This is a perfect nude metallic matte shade which goes with any outfits, night or day and really adds a touch of pretty to your nails. If you can’t decide on a nail colour and think it might clash, choose this and you can wear it through every summer holiday outfit!

Mavala in ‘Pistachio’

£4.75 Boots

I love a good strange colour for summer. Forget your pinks, reds and purples. What i want is a pistachio coloured polish to make my nails stand out. Can be used for a signature nail or going the full whack but whatever you choose to do, this colour will get you noticed. I did a gradient look with this and the Nails Inc polish and everyone noticed.

I’m currently wearing the Topshop Everybody Get Up –

Topshop Nails Everybody Get Up

I have more nails polishes than i can count and never have time to wear them all! These are just a select favourite few that i will be wearing over the coming months. A yellow might sneak in their too – depends how i’m feeling!

What are your Spring/Summer polishes for this year?


New York! New York! Final Day!

So my friends, this was our final day in New York and we decided we were going to hop on over to Brooklyn and see the view of the city skyline from there and also to see the Brooklyn Bridge!

So here it is – the last of our trip to NYC! It was great, so many memories. You can’t really believe how big the city is until you are there. Plus the atmosphere is great!

NYC Skyline

This was the city from the walkway in Brooklyn! It felt so surreal thinking we were walking around there earlier in the day!

Brooklyn Bridge

We then decided to walk back into the city via the Brooklyn bridge! It’s got a great view and you can see all the cars below you travelling across the bridge too! Also, fun fact of the day – the cables for the Brooklyn Bridge were made in the building i live in now in Sheffield! It was converted into flats and it’s called Brooklyn Works! 🙂

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Also, people had started putting locks on the bridge, like the love lock bridge in Paris. Someone has also write above it ‘out of style’ which i agree with. It’s best done once and left in Paris. After all, Paris is a romantic city where the bridge looks beautiful with the addition of the locks whereas these locks on the Brooklyn Bridge just look like old locks on a bridge. It kind of ruins it.

NYC cathedral

After we crossed the bridge we walked back through the city. I wanted to find some place to get some sweets (YAY) and we decided on Dylans Candy Bar!

The picture above was something i was completely overwhelmed by when i rounded a corner to be present with this. It’s so shocking the sheer size of it, just in the middle of a busy city such as NYC. This is something you would see in the countryside in all it’s glory in the UK. It looks so out of place next to the tall square city buildings.

Dylans Candy Bar

We eventually found Dylan’s Candy bar and my god was it worth it. Two floors of mountains of sweets! We picked up a bar of Hershey’s chocolate (not as good as UK Cadburys) and a few tubs of sweets which were all based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Laffy Taffy anyone?

After this, we grabbed some food to go (Mcdonalds, let’s face it) and headed back to the hotel to pick up our luggage to then head towards JFK.

I cannot describe how much i loved NYC but i was also equally excited about being back home. Normal plug sockets, crossings that actually let you cross without fear of being run down by a big yellow taxi and being in a city that actually sleeps!

Plane at night

We had an overnight plane journey back and i can’t sleep on planes so i was awake for 28 hours. If you knew me, you would know i’m not nice when i’m tired. Whether it’s morning or night, so you can imagine how much of a happy bunny i was when i was reunited with my bed!

But look at the view from the plane. If it was like this all the way home, i wouldn’t have minded that i had been awake that long. The view taking off was spectacular. That’s right, spectacular!


A delay before boarding in Iceland was not welcome at 8am after no sleep. Sitting on the floor was my only option! Everyone else pretty much followed me on that – trendsetter right here!

Well, i hope you all enjoyed looking at my NYC trip and my (awful, awful) photos. I promise my next trip i will photograph better. I was just so excited to be in NYC i forgot about taking nice pictures!


New York! New York! Part 3!

After walking miles and miles on our first day around Central Park and then up to the World Trade Centre, we decided to keep it local the next day. We spent our time wandering around manhattan, checking out the Rockerfella Plaza and the Empire State Building!

radio city new york

We saw Radio City – it was very near to our hotel which was good – and also just around the corner was the studio where they film shows such as Jimmy Fallon etc! Exciting times!

rockerfella plaza

rockerfella plaza

The Rockerfella Plaza was very pretty – included an iceskating rink outside and lots of flags! It’s a great place to chill and have a coffee and watch people ice skate and have fun! We didn’t ice skate as owain said no so i wasn’t about to venture out in front of everyone on my own!

We didn’t go up the Rockerfella as we had tickets already for the Empire State Building so we figured the view is pretty much similar.

new york

I love this picture. These buildings are all the same and it shows the sheer size and scale of them compared to the cars and people below. It’s truly breathtaking!

Next up was the Empire State Building. It was just about to get dark and it was SO COLD up there so it’s a bit misty on the pictures but the view was incredible. There is a  little audio tour as well while you wander through the building before you go up to the observation deck and it’s sort of like a little museum about how it was built and how it it’s eco friendly etc. Well worth a tour of!

empire state building

empire state building

empire state building

empire state building

empire state building

I would have loved to have stayed until it got really dark but it was far too cold up there to wait. Also, they should definitely open a small cafe to sell coffee up there. I would be in heaven then!

Tickets are not expensive – we bought them before we went and i think they were $25 each – which is a lot less than i expected. You can get them when you turn up but i think the wait is a lot longer as we went straight through.

Such a good day! It was rather wet and slightly chilly but it could have been worse! Plus i love being all cosy in my hat and coat in cities. Cities in summer feel too icky to me.

Part 4 tomorrow – we Visited Brooklyn and walked over the Brooklyn Bridge  🙂


New York! New York! Part 2!

So, we reached our Hotel at 10pm New York time and so to us it felt like 2am UK time. I was so tired so i made an executive decision to sleep so i wasn’t tired for the next day and we could go on a massive adventure of the city!

We ventured out of the hotel around 9am and started walking and exploring. We had things in mind we wanted to see but we thought we would start off with simply walking and seeing some of the city.

We walked past times square and i managed to take one picture because there is so many people asking tourists to go on these bus rides and i hate that. I wanted to take pictures in peace but you just can’t do that so i took one and we walked on.

Times square new york

The photo doesn’t give the size and the scale of times square justice so if you get chance, go see it! The colours and the lights are so bright even in the middle of the day!

Walking a little further north we stumbled across Central Park! New York had just had a huge snow storm week the week before we turned up so there was still so much snow on the ground but it was beautiful! The paths were all clear so you could walk through and you could see the skyline of the city through the trees which was amazing 🙂

Central park New York

Central park new york

central park new york

After we walked around Central Park for a while in the morning, we headed to Madison Avenue to venture up and down there and have a nosey in the shops!

Madison Avenue

We also found Macy’s and went to have a look in there too – so many floors, so many shops and stalls and all so sparkly! We eventually found a Mcdonalds to eat as Owain was really excited about seeing the difference between USA and UK Mcdonalds. Apparently, the strawberry milkshakes are made with real fruit in USA and they are to die for! I’ll never look at a Mcdonalds strawberry milkshake in the same way again! Everything else is pretty much the same though, you can’t go wrong with a Bag Mac.

After this we went on another little walk (i say little, we walked about 20 miles that day) because taking the subway cuts out all the parts of the city and you don’t see anything!

We bumped into the Ghostbusters building by mistake, but Owain was very happy at this then we could see the World Trade Centre so we walked in that direction. I wanted to see the memorial and to just really visit the site and see the new World Trade Centre they had built.

new york world trade memorial

new york world trade centre

new york world trade memorial

new york world trade

The memorials are 2 huge squares in the ground with running water down the sides and into the middle. Around the edges, there are names of those who lost their lives during 9/11. It’s a beautiful memorial and the sound of the water is so therapeutic. The new World Trade Centre is also beautiful and so tall! If you ever get chance to go to New York, make sure you go see this!

So this was our first full day in New York! We didn’t go see the statue of liberty however, we saw it from afar from Battery Park when we went to see the World Trade centre however, the pictures are not the best so i have decided not to include them.

Part 3 tomorrow will be our trip to the Empire State building and our second full day in New York City! I hope you’ve enjoyed an insight into our holiday so far!