Work: Dress Up or Keep It Casual?

So, i have a question… It’s something that’s always been on my mind whenever i’m at work or out with people from work when i’m not at work.

This might just be me wondering this but i hope it’s not. I had a conversation at work the other day about when you see somebody outside of work and they look exactly the same as they do in work. Not in terms of, they’re a whole different person but in terms of hair, make up, clothes etc. Those people who wear a full face of make up to work, the same as they do when they go out on a night out. Or who dress up and wear heels everyday and have their hair perfectly done everyday – like they would for an evening out.

Now, usually at work, i randomly shove clothes on that quite frankly may not even look good/go together/be weather appropriate but i’m not one for sculpting my hair into a perfect ‘do’ or bringing out the red lipstick for work but, i have seen people who do this.

So, my question is – should you make more of an effort for work? I mean, i’m there most of my day but i can’t help feeling that if i did, when people saw me outside of work, i would look the same and no one would go ‘wow, look at you, you look so different’. I think i would start to associate my work self with my going out self and getting ‘glammed up’ or experimenting with make up on a weekend would not be as much fun. Are you with me?

Is this just me? Or do you feel the same? Someone please make this easier for me!


Summer Lips

Lipstick was never something i thought of as a staple in my make up bag. I’m totally a mascara kind of girl and i couldn’t go without it! Recently though, i’ve been seeing a lot of amazingly gorgeous lipstick colours popping up this year. Everyone from Clinique to Rimmel are making gorgeous lip colours.

I’ve not had the opportunity to own a MAC lipstick, but if i can get used to the idea of wearing lipstick – it might need to be a future investment!

So, to get me into the swing of wearing lipstick, i thought i’d show you my favourite lipsticks i own. Opinions welcome people – i need  to know if i should just stick to my trusty daily face and play it safe!

Lipstick Collage Topshop Rimmel Clinique Lord & Berry

I love a good collage! I figured this was the best way to compare the colours!

Top Row Left to Right – Topshop Beauty Lipstick in Innocent, Kate for Rimmel in Rossetto (shade 33), My Little Beauty Lipstick

Bottom Row Left to Right -Clinique Chubby Stick in Plumped up Pink (shade 17) & Lord & Berry Lip Crayon in Kiss.

Here are what they look like swatched (against my unbelievably pale arm)

Lipstick Swatches topshop rimmel my little beauty clinique lord & berry

From Left to Right are as above.

Topshop Lipstick in Innocent –  £8.00

This is a very very creamy lipstick which is a purple sort of colour. It works well to highlight the lips without being too ‘n your face’. It’s sort of a nude but with a tint of colour. I do find with the creamy formula i am very aware of it on my lip and it can be very off putting. Makes my lips feel like they’re melting. Overall though, i do love the colour!

Kate for Rimmel in Rossetto (Shade 33)  – £5.49

The colour is almost the same  as the Topshop Lipstick as you can see above however, it’s a less creamy formula which is always a win, This one has more of a pink tint than the Topshop Lipstick but even so, it blends well on my lips and gives them just a hint of colour. Perfect for summer days and nights.

My Little Beauty Lipstick – Inside My Little Box

This little beauty came with the subscription box ‘My Little Box’. It doesn’t have a shade (or if it does i’ve lost the leaflet that tells me!) but it’s a very pinky red colour. More pink based than the Topshop or Rimmel Lipsticks. When it’s on your lips it can look Red or Pink, depending on the light which i love! The only problem with this is that as it’s part of the beauty range for My Little Box, i don’t think i’ll ever get my hands on it again, so i’m trying not to get too attached.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Plumped Up Pink (Shade 17)  –  £17.00

This is more of a lip balm than a lipstick but the colour deposit is the same as a lipstick. It does look very sheer on the swatch but when on your lips, it enhances your natural lip colour. I love the fact this is a lip balm because you can top it up and it gives your lips moisture. Great for the really hot days when lipstick will just slide off your face! Pretty pricey for a lip balm though!

Lord & Berry Lip Crayon in Kiss – £10.00 

I got this in a previous Glossybox but you can buy it separately for £10.00. Pricey but this a a matte lip crayon with super staying power. If you ever need a red lip to last all day and night, this is your new best friend. Once on, you have a battle on your hands to get it off. I adore the colour but i never have anywhere to wear it out too. If you’re a bold soul, you can wear this day to day but for shy people like me, it’s more of a special occasion kind of deal. Cue summer BBQ’s and cocktail evenings. Just look how beautifully red it is in the picture above.

So, what do we think? Lipstick a yay or nay for this summer?

What are your favourite lipsticks?


Jord: Stunning Wood Watches

Jord is a swedish word which means earth, soil and land and looking at the watches they make, i can see where they are coming from. They make their watched from natural wood and love partnering with bloggers to spread the word about being green and helping manufacturers and consumers to reduce the harm to our environment.

Jord creates beautiful and wearable wooden watches. I was lucky enough to try the Fieldcrest Maple watch and i have to say, i don’t think i’ll ever love a watch as much as i love this one. It’s lightweight, durable and the pale colour of the wood will go with pretty much any outfit. I’ve received so many compliments on this watch and i’ve only worn it once!

The design is absolutely stunning. The clasp hides away behind the wooden strap and there is a carving on the back of the watch face with the Jord logo and where it was made. Simple and elegant. They measured it to my wrist and i can not fault their service. MyMy

It came beautifully presented and packaged in a wooden box with the logo crafted into it. I slid the top of the box off to reveal this little beauty sitting on a cushion – the height of sophistication.

Jord Watch

Jord Watch 2

Jord Watch Back

Jord Watch Clasp

Jord Watch Wearing

Jord Watch Box 2

I am totally in love with this watch. It goes with everything and is perfect for any outfit and any occasion. It’s my new favourite accessory!

Head over to their website and have a browse at the stunning variety of watches they have. They are perfect for gifts for people or even just to treat yourself too.

Do you love their watches too? Would you consider buying one?


*This watch was gifted to me.

Prairie Charms Subscription Box

The other day i received the best thing in the mail that i have in a while. I’m used to my usual subscription boxes – My Little Box & GlossyBox but when i subscribed to Prairie Charms, i wasn’t quite sure what i would receive.

Prairie Charms is all about pretty. Pretty jewellery, pretty hair accessories, pretty much pretty everything. I subscribed as one of their bloggers to review the box and i was excited to see what it was like. Low and behold i was not surprised!

I purchased some products off their website not so long ago and i haven’t stopped wearing my yellow headband so i wanted to see if i could fall in love with their other products like this.

It was overflowing with beautiful pieces. I received gorgeous hair ties and hair bands. The cutest bracelets and necklace. Adorable Paper straws, gourmet popcorn and popcorn bags to enjoy it from. Super Pretty Hair Clips and Nail Stickers. I was blown away.

prairie pizzazz box prairie charms

prairie pizzazz hair

prairie pizzazz box2

prairie pizzazz

I am so impressed with this as it’s not your usual beauty subscription box and i honestly love everything in the box. It’s perfect for spring/summer with all the floral patterns and they chose things which they thought i would love and colours i like. They did a damn good job!

Have a look at my other Prairie Charms purchases or visit their website to have a look at what they have to offer. They are always super excited to meet new Prairie Charms lovers so head over to twitter and say hi – @Prairie_Charms !

Do you love this as much as i do?


The Sunday Post – Weekly Favourites

Sunday Favourites 3515

I’ve been inspired by reading all your blogs today to share with you some of my favourite things this week. I haven’t shared my favourites for a while now & i hope you enjoy them! There’s a bit of everything in here from bloggers to make up and Netflix!

Pretty Little Liars – Netflix

I’ve recently become OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars. I hadn’t really watched it until twitter went mental about it not so long ago (which i think was the end of season 5!) and i was intrigued. I am almost half way through season 4 and i cannot stop. I’m addicted. I love every character, even the bad ones. I love the story, the suspense the cliff hanger endings. I am often awake until the early hours on weekends just watching episode after episode. I don’t know what i’ll do when i get through them all!


Im addicted to watching Essie Buttons videos – i love her accent and i love the content of her videos as well. If you haven’t already seen any of her videos, the one where she gets her grandma to show you the contents of her bag is hilarious and adorable at the same time!

Also, Hello Octobers recent video about hair care was my must watch on the train the other day. She has gorgeous hair and from reading her blog i’ve seen it grow from a long bob to the amazing length it is now and i have hair envy.


I recently purchased Benefit’s POREfessional & the Benefit Oxygen WOW foundation and i can’t get enough of them! I think these are my new holy grails! I did a review of the foundation here and there will be one on the POREfessional soon!

I’ve also still been using my Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – It still does wonders for my eyelashes.

As you can see, i’m definitely a Benefit kind of girl at the moment!


I’ve recently purchased the OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner to try and repair my extremely damaged hair and it smells amazing! I’ve only used them a few times so i’m waiting to make sure it’s helping my hair and it’s not just the smell i love! Review coming soon guys – if you want to see my review of my previous OGX Hair products click here!

& that’s what i’ve been loving this week!

What have you been loving this week, let me know below!