Work: Dress Up or Keep It Casual?

So, i have a question… It’s something that’s always been on my mind whenever i’m at work or out with people from work when i’m not at work.

This might just be me wondering this but i hope it’s not. I had a conversation at work the other day about when you see somebody outside of work and they look exactly the same as they do in work. Not in terms of, they’re a whole different person but in terms of hair, make up, clothes etc. Those people who wear a full face of make up to work, the same as they do when they go out on a night out. Or who dress up and wear heels everyday and have their hair perfectly done everyday – like they would for an evening out.

Now, usually at work, i randomly shove clothes on that quite frankly may not even look good/go together/be weather appropriate but i’m not one for sculpting my hair into a perfect ‘do’ or bringing out the red lipstick for work but, i have seen people who do this.

So, my question is – should you make more of an effort for work? I mean, i’m there most of my day but i can’t help feeling that if i did, when people saw me outside of work, i would look the same and no one would go ‘wow, look at you, you look so different’. I think i would start to associate my work self with my going out self and getting ‘glammed up’ or experimenting with make up on a weekend would not be as much fun. Are you with me?

Is this just me? Or do you feel the same? Someone please make this easier for me!


Garnier Micellar Water

I’m a little behind the times when it comes to Garnier’s Micellar Water – i’ve read so many positive reviews about it but for some reason, have not purchased it. I think it’s because i’ve had my Clinique ‘Take the Day off’ make up remover which has lasted me so long! My Micellar water woes were no more when i opened this months My Little Box which contained a small bottle of this beauty which everyone has been raving about for ages! I decided to use it every day for 1 week to see what all the fuss was about.

First Impressions

The bottle is so cute and pretty. It came in the small handbag friendly size which is great as you can take it with you when you travel! The bottle is see through and the detail is pink. It’s great as it’s not too in your face and it’s bottle design is really simple. It’s cap is easy to open and close (which is always a bonus) and you can easily see how much you’ve used and when you’re due to re stock!

Day 1

After the first use, my skin didn’t feel greasy and it felt like my face was thoroughly cleansed. All of my make up was removed, which was pretty good going seeing as though i was wearing Estée Lauder, double wear which we all know does not budge. It hasn’t made me break out after the first use & that’s always something i look for. Who wants a cleansing water which just makes you break out?

Day 2, 3, 4 and 5!

All above days were the same as day 1, i’m so impressed with this product! All the grime and make up from the day was removed, leaving my skin clean and fresh and it caused no breakouts. This cleansing water is great for when your skin doesn’t need a full stripping with water and face wash (as this can be really harsh on skin day in and day out i find) but this makes things so much easier on my skin!

Day 6 & 7

These days i had a good look at my skin to see if i could see any changes. I found i didn’t feel as though i had to wear as much make up which is always great as it meant my skin tone was evening out! Still no break outs either!

This cleansing water is my new best friend. I’m totally sold and now i know what all the fuss was about! No break outs and a very simple but effective way of removing not only make up but any dirt and grime on your skin when you’re not wearing make up! Full size at 400ml is usually approx £5 and the 125ml travel size is usually £2 but boots / superdrug always have deals on so you can pick them up cheaper! Have a browse on Boots here at the moment as they’re on offer! 

Do you love this cleanser?


The Sunday Post – Weekly Favourites

Sunday Favourites 3515

I’ve been inspired by reading all your blogs today to share with you some of my favourite things this week. I haven’t shared my favourites for a while now & i hope you enjoy them! There’s a bit of everything in here from bloggers to make up and Netflix!

Pretty Little Liars – Netflix

I’ve recently become OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars. I hadn’t really watched it until twitter went mental about it not so long ago (which i think was the end of season 5!) and i was intrigued. I am almost half way through season 4 and i cannot stop. I’m addicted. I love every character, even the bad ones. I love the story, the suspense the cliff hanger endings. I am often awake until the early hours on weekends just watching episode after episode. I don’t know what i’ll do when i get through them all!


Im addicted to watching Essie Buttons videos – i love her accent and i love the content of her videos as well. If you haven’t already seen any of her videos, the one where she gets her grandma to show you the contents of her bag is hilarious and adorable at the same time!

Also, Hello Octobers recent video about hair care was my must watch on the train the other day. She has gorgeous hair and from reading her blog i’ve seen it grow from a long bob to the amazing length it is now and i have hair envy.


I recently purchased Benefit’s POREfessional & the Benefit Oxygen WOW foundation and i can’t get enough of them! I think these are my new holy grails! I did a review of the foundation here and there will be one on the POREfessional soon!

I’ve also still been using my Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – It still does wonders for my eyelashes.

As you can see, i’m definitely a Benefit kind of girl at the moment!


I’ve recently purchased the OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner to try and repair my extremely damaged hair and it smells amazing! I’ve only used them a few times so i’m waiting to make sure it’s helping my hair and it’s not just the smell i love! Review coming soon guys – if you want to see my review of my previous OGX Hair products click here!

& that’s what i’ve been loving this week!

What have you been loving this week, let me know below!


March 2015 Favourites – Skincare

March was a great month for me, I visited New York City, ate amazing food while i was there but i was also stuck on an airplane for a good 10 hours without fresh air. This did not go well with my skin. I spent weeks with horrible skin. It was the worst it’s ever been.

Luckily – I started to use some new products and these little babies helped my skin recover and i’ve become a lot happier with how my skin looks going into April!

Nivea Cellular Anti Age Serum

Nivea Cellular Anti Age Serum

This little beauty was a purchase i made after trying a sample of Clinique’s Serum. This  made my skin feel so smooth and it’s amazing to use under make up as it helps foundation to go on smoother but it’s also great for using as part of your daily skincare routine even when you’re not planning on wearing make up.

It smooths the skin out and i know it’s an anti age serum but prevention is better than the cure, right? I love using anti age products on my skin because they work even if you are young! I picked this up from Tesco in my weekly shop and it was only £10 at the time. I was toying with the idea of picking up some Clinique Serum but it’s pricey and this does the job just as good!

Tesco Hydrating Night Cream

tesco hydrating night cream

I picked this up on a whim, it was very cheap at £1. I wasn’t holding my hopes up for this but i’ve never used a night cream before and didn’t want to splash out if it wasn’t something i could get used to using. For £1, this is great – i was very surprised! I put a little bit on before bed and when i wake up my face is left feeling soft and smooth. It also smells of cucumber which is really refreshing. I’m pleasantly surprised with this little purchase and i think i will be repurchasing this when i run out! You can’t go wrong for £1!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +

clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion

Now, I love Clinique, they are my favourite for skincare and i recently ran out of my moisturiser. I used to have the gel version of this moisturiser but i accidentally picked up the lotion instead. At first, it felt greasy on my skin and i did not think i would carry on using it but after a few days i found my skin soaked it up without leaving a greasy mess. I find i need to use less with the lotion than the gel so this will last me a lot longer too! It’s quite pricey at around £17.50 but it’s worth it, trust me!

Also, i have one skincare favourite in the form of body scrub that i couldn’t miss out!

Treacle Moon Coconut Body Scrub

treacle moon coconut body scrub

How cute is the packaging on Treacle Moon products! I picked this up from Tesco because i had a craving for coconut and came across this. This body scrub leaves your skin feeling smooth and leaves you smelling amazing! Why do i not have more Treacle Moon products in my bathroom. I think i’ll have to start collecting. This was £2.99 from Tesco and they usually have offers on so what are you waiting for?

I’m so happy with my skin right now, helped by these little beauties.

What have you been loving?


Glossybox: March 2015

I’m a little late to this party as i’ve only just picked this up from the Post Office. I hate it when i’m not in for parcels. Boohoo.

So, not wanting to wait i decided to check out what was in this month’s box. To be honest, i’ve always loved the items i’ve received in my Glossybox, bar one or two and this was is no exception!

glossybox march

As usual, this was a normal pink Glossybox with details on what’s in the box and sneak peeks of what’s coming next time… The Full size Lord & Berry Crayon Lipstick looks VERY appealing!

So, what was in this month’s box?…

Dove Haircare March Glossybox

I have a habit of buying so many shampoo and conditioner sets from different brands before i’ve even finished the rest. I think i have around 4 different types in my bathroom at the moment! So, when i saw these i was very pleased. These are shampoo and conditioner for ageing hair – and with all the hair dye that goes on my head i’m sure my hair needs a bit of TLC. I’ve always loved Dove products so i’m glad these were in this month’s box!

glossybox march peel

This is Naobay moisturising peel which is an exfoliating polish. It has particles from the acai tree to remove dead skin while making sure you get the glowing and luminous look. This all sounds pretty good, i can’t wait to try it! Also, the packaging on this is beautiful – the lid is actually wooden. Very posh!

glossybox march essence mascara

I love essence mascara. So cheap but they definitely work for me! I had a previous mascara i received in a previous Glossybox and i used it religiously until Benefit’s  Roller Lash came along but i’m hoping this will be as good as i was thinking the other day that i needed some more mascara. This promises dramatic volume. I hope so!

Glossybox March NCLA Polish

Now, i’m always very wary of Nail Polish. I also seem to always get pink or red in my Glossybox, hmm. I have so many pink shades but this one looks like a nice fresh shade for spring. A colour that can give a little ‘pop’ to your fingernails and even toenails. It’s quite a good sized pot as well as the last pink nail polish i received was TINY.

glossybox march poutpaint

This is the only product i have issues with this month. For a start the packaging looks a bit run down and i thought it was actually a really old product when i first saw it. It’s not very appealing to the eyes. So i thought i’d open it and try it.

It says, shake up and apply to lips. It also says you can mix it with other colours to create lipstick. So i shook it and applied some to the back of my hand first.

Pout Paint

The first thing that came out was just clear thick liquid, like a colourless lip gloss. Then came the colour. A bright orange colour. You can see on the picture it wasn’t mixed in properly (and this is after i had used my finger to mix it up.

Now, i don’t know about you but my lips are a pink/red colour. When i put this on it just sat there all orangey and gooey. I couldn’t even bring myself to wear it long enough to take a picture. It felt horrible on my lips, greasy and oily. I’ve seen other boxes which had reds and pinks of this product which would have been great but i think the fact mine was bright orange was a bit of a let down. Sadface.

Glossy Box March 2015

If you’re interested in signing up to Glossybox follow this link to their website and have a browse around! They have different subscription packages and rates to match those.

They also have one of a kind boxes on sale every so often including Mothers Day boxes and other Limited Edition ones!

What did you think of your Glossybox this month? Is it getting better or worse?