Supporting The British Heart Foundation

My Employer supports the British Heart Foundation and every so often, they do something great to raise money to provide support for them. They also match any donations received so we can support the charity to the maximum.

This year, they have organised a bike ride from Glasgow to London and Owain, my lovely boyfriend is cycling  from Sheffield to Leicester.

The British Heart Foundation means a lot to me and not just because my employer is raising money to support them but because my close family has suffered with heart problems so i’m no stranger to pain. My family was lucky but i know there are other’s who aren’t and if any small amount of donations i raise on behalf of Owain’s cycling, i will feel proud to have supported such a great charity which does such good work.

If you can donate, however big or small, then please do – you can do this by visiting our Just Giving page here  – please leave your name and a small message or comment here if you do donate, so i can make sure to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you are unable to donate for any reason, or simply cannot – please leave comments of support for Owain and i’ll make sure it keeps him motivated. 🙂

I’ll also let you know how he gets on, the ride is in September and it means at least if nothing else, i get rid of him for half a day 😉


A Healthier August!

Being back at work this week, my colleagues have been on a challenge to drink more water, so naturally i’m joining in – i mean, other people fetching me water all day? It’s great! Also, what’s great is it keeps me hydrated and water does wonders for your skin.

Normally, i’d be grabbing at the chance to get myself a cappuccino from the drinks machine but that costs me 20p and water is free! So i’m going to be aiming to drink as much as i can each day – i’m not going to push myself, just drink at my normal pace! This is what i have been doing so far.

Now, it’s only been a week of drinking more water but already (apart from peeing every 5 minutes) my skin is worse & i’ve come out in a coldsore.  What is happening?!

I am however, determined to keep at it and push through this period of horrible skin to hopefully get to the point where i can see a difference. What i wouldn’t give to have glowing blemish free skin – and i’m only 24, how miserable is that. I should be bouncing about with fresh faced youth but y’know, alcohol.

I’m going to be posting before and after pictures of my (not so) beautiful face so hopefully at the end of August you will all be able to see a difference!

Is anyone else drinking more water & has it made a difference to you?


Twinings Detox Tea

I love a good cup of tea (who doesn’t?) but lately i feel like i’ve been treating my body horribly. Granted the ballet workout i’ve been doing recently has helped in terms of fitness and toning but the inside of my body is currently a takeaway infused, sugary drink mess which is taking it’s toll on my face so i figure now was the time to try and do something about it.

While browsing in Tesco (i only went in for 2 things and neither of them was tea but hey, what can you do!) i fell upon the Tea section. So many twinings boxes i didn’t know where to start. They have normal tea, breakfast tea, raspberry tea, camomile tea, peppermint tea, green tea and a shed load of others. So i was drawn to the detox tea.

Twinings detox tea


I didn’t want a fruity one as i tend to find them a bit too sweet so i picked up Twinings Detox with Lemon Peel, Lemon Verbena and Milk thistle which are all natural ingredients promising to purify and restore.

Twinings detox tea


It comes with 20 tea bags, and i decided to set myself a 20 days challenge – turned into 19 because Owain wanted to try one and i couldn’t stop him. He’s bigger than me.

Twinings detox tea bags


I love the yellow!

Now, do i feel any different?

Well, for the first few days i thought the tea was disgusting and tasted like wood. This is because i generally have tea strong and sweet so i wasn’t used to this no milk, no sugar kind of happenings. Once i got used to the taste i realised it wasn’t too bad and i could definitely cope for 20 days.

I didn’t feel much difference in me until around day 7 when i started to feel more awake in the morning and my skin started to look clearer and feel fresher. I do feel more alert. I hate mornings with a passion but they haven’t seemed as bad recently so i think i’m going to stick with this.

One detox tea a day and i might even change it up and try new tea’s!

What’s your favourite detox tea? Have you tried any yet?


Ballet Beautiful Workout

ballet beautiful 2

*Photo not mine

So. In Hello October’s recent post, she mentioned a ballet workout she’s been trying. I was intrigued so i had a little gander on Youtube and devoted some of my Saturday night in (yes, that’s right – a Saturday night!) to trying this workout. Besides, afterwards my plan was to relax in the bath with Cosmo magazine so y’know, win win.

ballet beautiful

My New*Photo not mine

Ballet Beautiful workout was created by Mary Helen Bowers and it’s a workout that is designed to activate the core, burn fat, and tighten the inner and outer thighs, legs, hips, calves, abs, and butt through a unique series of target-toning bridge exercises that can be done anywhere. Perfect for those without time to go to the gym or those who just want to do it in the comfort of their own home. Plus you can stop and have a break this way.

I tried this for the first time (i haven’t been to the gym in a while – bad bev) and it killed me. I used muscles i didn’t even know i had!

The workout is on Youtube here and is broken down into the different workouts i.e outer legs you work on for around 11 minutes, then theres an abs section. You get the drift. This means you can switch and choose what part you want to work on or you can work through them all in different orders each time you do it.

Although while doing the workout it felt like hell and i convinced myself i would not be able to walk the next day, when i got moving the next day, it ached a little bit but not as much as going to the actual gym.

I think this will be my new favourite workout as it tones your muscles and it really simple to do.

Are there any workouts you’re doing at the moment? Have you tried this one?


Gym, Gym & more Gym

In case you didn’t see this last post about giving something up for lent, let me catch you up… (or if you wish to read it, feel free!)

I decided that instead of giving something up for lent – because, lets face it, i’ve never been good at sticking to things let alone giving things up! Remember that 30 day workout challenge i posted about here? Well, that stopped on day 8. I felt super bad and i just felt like it wasn’t working for me as it was a tiny workout each day and my mind eventually got into the process of thinking it wasn’t going to do any good anyway. Bad bad bad bad bad!

So, i decided to add something in instead of giving up – cue the Gym. In our flat, we have a free communal gym which is well looked after and has all the equipment you need.

It’s been a week since Lent started and i have been to the gym 3 times! That’s once every 2 days! I’m such a proud little person!

My first visit i did a little workout on the treadmill, cross trainer and weights to get myself into it. I did this on my second trip too. Today, on my 3rd trip i just used the cross trainer for 16 minutes. This felt like a workout but the thing is, it feels good. I never thought i would say that.

Going to the gym makes me want to continue (strangest thing i have ever said) and i would feel really bad if i stopped going. Maybe i’m ‘turning over a new leaf’ as they say!

Let’s hope this continues!