Work: Dress Up or Keep It Casual?

So, i have a question… It’s something that’s always been on my mind whenever i’m at work or out with people from work when i’m not at work.

This might just be me wondering this but i hope it’s not. I had a conversation at work the other day about when you see somebody outside of work and they look exactly the same as they do in work. Not in terms of, they’re a whole different person but in terms of hair, make up, clothes etc. Those people who wear a full face of make up to work, the same as they do when they go out on a night out. Or who dress up and wear heels everyday and have their hair perfectly done everyday – like they would for an evening out.

Now, usually at work, i randomly shove clothes on that quite frankly may not even look good/go together/be weather appropriate but i’m not one for sculpting my hair into a perfect ‘do’ or bringing out the red lipstick for work but, i have seen people who do this.

So, my question is – should you make more of an effort for work? I mean, i’m there most of my day but i can’t help feeling that if i did, when people saw me outside of work, i would look the same and no one would go ‘wow, look at you, you look so different’. I think i would start to associate my work self with my going out self and getting ‘glammed up’ or experimenting with make up on a weekend would not be as much fun. Are you with me?

Is this just me? Or do you feel the same? Someone please make this easier for me!


Big Throwback Thursday!

#TBT – Throwback Thursday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at old pictures and seeing how much things have changed, myself especially.

So while i was looking through the pictures i have on my laptop, i thought ‘why not share them with the entire internet’! An entire huge post  dedicated to throwing right back!


First up – A picture from when i went to Harry Potter Studios in Watford last year. Such a good trip but it was so tiring. It made me so happy to relive Harry Potter and see all the props and sets they used, i even got to try a bit of Butterbeer! Definitely worth a trip if you haven’t been – it’s a great day out. See this post for more of this trip!

16 year old bev

What can i say – this was YEARS ago and i mean years! A family trip to London – i had been rained on, it was windy and somewhere inside me thought the middle parting was a good look. Well done 15 year old Bev, you were bloody gorgeous. I also seem to be either high on caffeine or just really happy to have a Starbucks. Or slightly terrified. Or all 3. You decide.

me and ryan xmas

Me & my brother, Christmas day 2011. We decided it was cool to wear those christmas tag/bow things in our hair. You saw it here first! Also, i really like my hair like this. I seem to remember it took ages to curl as it was so short! #memories.

lloyds farewell ball

I love this dress! I still have it, just no where to wear it too! This was the end of my previous job’s leaving do as the building we worked in was closing and moving somewhere else so it was a goodbye to everyone! (From what i remember) it was a great night and everyone looked beautiful!

me and ryan little

This is my favourite ever throwback. Right back to when me and my brother wore these amazing matching pj suit things and just chilled out like the awesome kids we were. Kidding, we were terrors really – my brother once set the oven on fire and i sprayed bleach in his eyes at my nans. I think i have a drumstick lolly in my hand, which makes this photo even better ❤

butlins jumping

Last but not least, this energetic throwback to Butlins! I was unsure why this picture happened but i think it was just being excited to be there. It was 90’s weekend, the best decade if you ask me ;). Also, my face is hilarious. Don’t care.


Show me yours!


Blue Vanilla Post Christmas Sale!


Everyone knows the time in between Christmas & New Year is used for thinking up resolutions we can break and sale shopping. Whether it’s for TV’s, Clothes or just general bits and bobs, we all love a good bargain. My mother got a £76 turkey for around £15 on boxing day so i’m guessing it’s turkey dishes galore for the next few weeks. 🙂

So, i know of a website which is having a 50% sale on all clothing! – Who needs anything else but clothes right?

To show you some of what they have on their website, i was looking at New Years outfits i could purchase on here. So here are my top 3 picks:

blue vanilla

This 1920’s Gatsby inspired dress is perfect for new year and i love love love the net covering over the skirt. Pair with a killer heel and you’re ready to go. You can also go for the classic red lip to give this outfit a pop of colour too!

This was £25.00 reduced to £15!

Delivery is free on orders over £45.00 and only £2.99 if you spend below £45.00! Express Delivery is £3.99 and international is up to £4.99.

Shop this here!

blue valilla

This Mid length, high waisted skirt is perfect for pairing with a crop top (if you’re brave enough in this cold weather!) and some party heels.  It comes in Metallic Blue, Purple or Silver so you can choose which one suits your personality the best!

This skirt is £24.00 and delivery is the same as outlined above!

Shop this here! 

blue vanilla

And finally, if you’re not brave enough to step out without a little bit of cover during this cold winter, this dress is for you! The long patterned sleeves give it warmth as well as making it stand out from your standard little black dress. You can mix accessories to brighten up this dress or stick with simple black. The dress is also available in Teal or Plum so take your pick if you fancy standing out this new year!

This dress is £26.00.  Delivery is the same as outlined above.

Shop this here! 

Also, they have 50% off as a treat yourself offer – Cardigans, dresses, tops, skirts – you name it, they have it on sale. Also, check out the knitwear selection – they have all you could ever need this winter to keep you warm indoor and outdoors!

Who said the cold can’t be fashionable!

blue vanilla 50 off


My Exciting News….


So, recently i jumped at the chance to start writing articles for a beauty and fashion website It was a great opportunity and i got to write articles based on things like Beyoncé’s new nail wraps she has released or Lauren Conrad’s even shorter bob haircut she recently premiered.

Cue a couple of weeks later and i was asked to be an editorial assistant. I still write posts for them if i need too but now i get to discuss new products with brands to enable us to write about them, I organise the diary for the posts so they can be scheduled properly and last week i made the weekly newsletter which is sent every Sunday.

I feel very honoured that they loved my writing and asked me to join the team but i also love that this means i get to be a part of something which isn’t my current job.

If you want to check the website out, you can find it here! i’m having so much fun & appreciate everything the editor of Glossyfinds has done for me!


Treat Yo’ Self: Saturday

christmas jumper

The last Saturday in November wouldn’t be complete without a little pre christmas Treat Yo’ Self. I’ve said before, if you don’t watch Parks & Rec, get out. 🙂

I picked up my christmas jumper above from Next for £30.00, after trawling through New Look, River Island, H&M. There was nothing christmassy in these shops! I found a jumper covered in penguins in New Look but it wasn’t christmassy enough for me! I knew Next wouldn’t let me down, they had a whole section dedicated to Christmas jumpers!

primark boots primark shoes

Next, i ventured to Primark as i needed some flat boots so my feet stay dry in Winter. I have some mini wellies but these are not always appropriate! I found the little black boots for £12.00 in Primark. They are so pretty and not too in your face with buckles which i hate. These will be perfect with a dress and tights!

I also found these pretty ballerina shoes for when i know i won’t be stepping foot outside! These will definitely be my christmas day shoes! These were £5.00 from Primark and are a lovely neutral colour.

clinique liquid soap

Then, i went into Boots as i needed to see if my online purchase was ready to collect (more on that soon!) but it wasn’t so i decided i’d pick up some more Liquid Soap as i knew i was nearly out of it and i was there anyway, you know how it goes. Well, lucky me because this should have been £17.00 but i got it for £14.00 as there was a discount.

Now, no more spending on myself! I only have a couple of christmas presents to buy and i’m done!

Then, more saving for Neeew Yooooork!