Dove: Regenerating Dry Oil Hair Mask

You might know from reading some of my earlier posts, that i tend to change my hair a lot. I mean, in the past week it’s gone from slightly ombré to very noticeable ombré to light brown now. I get bored easily & that can really hurt my hair. I’m currently trying to look after my hair as i’ve been invited to a wedding next June and i’m desperate to have longer hair by then. This means regular trims and trying to go as long as i can without dying my hair. So far, i lasted almost a month and a half! I’m aiming for the same timescale until my next touch up.

In between this time, i’ve been trying to look after my hair by using less heat, having a trim when i need too and making use of hair masks. The hair mask i’m currently using is Dove Nourishing Dry Oil Regenerating Mask and i’ll tell you now, it’s the best thing i’ve done for my hair in a while. It’s infused with oils to nourish your hair and doesn’t leave your hair greasy or weighed down. It’s a game changer. I’ve noticed less split ends and my hair feels shinier than ever. It contains Macademia Oils which control frizz and leaves your hair amazingly soft.

I use this every Sunday and give my hair a good pamper before going back to work on the Monday. If i feel my hair needs a quick mid week pick up (if i’ve been using heat more often than i should) i’ll sneak in a mid week bath and give my ends a soak. They always say not to put hair masks or conditioner on your roots but i find as long as i wash it out fully, it doesn’t leave me feeling greasy at all.

You can purchase the Dove Regenerating Mask on offer for the bargain price of £4.00 at the moment from Boots but the usual price is around £6. Who says amazing hair care has to be expensive. Sometimes the best products i’ve used have been high street brands.

Do you have a favourite hair mask? – I’ve heard Lee Stafford does good hair products for those who want to grow hair!


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