Embracing My Pale Skin

Hey It’s Okay: TO BE PALE

Since Wednesday i have been trying out the St Tropez in shower gradual tan (more on this another time) and i’ve realised that i don’t have the time or motivation to keep up a self tanning routine. I’ve tried everything from gradual tan to wash off tan and instant tan. Being a snow white clone has it’s downsides. Every shade of the palest fake tan looks horrific on me. It either develops too dark, leaves streaks, smells bad or just doesn’t look right.

Then i think about the pale – it’s tough finding a foundation that matches and provides coverage. There’s nothing worse than an orange face and white body (MAC have got me covered though, so it’s okay). Pale is great in winter when no one see’s your skin but in summer, everyone i know seems to tan instantly, leaving me looking like i’ve never seen the sun before.

I’ve been doing this every summer since i can remember, worrying about my pale skin, searching for a tan which looks natural and is less effort than most. So, after much deliberation, i’ve decided to embrace my natural snow white skin tone and ditch the search for the perfect fake tan. So to make me feel less awkward about my pale in summer situation, i found some photos to share with you, with my pale skin in all it’s glory!

pale - butlins2

Here i am with my legs out at Butlins with my best ones.

pale - ibiza

I even went on holiday and still did not tan. Ibiza 2012.

pale - night out xmas

It’s always a challenge when i decide black tights are not part of my outfit. Christmas Party December 2014.

pale - work leaving do

Paley McPale-rson. Work Closing Party December 2012

pale - night out

and last but not least, the most recent full length photo of me. Imogen’s Leaving Night Out. June 2015.

So there you have it, i’m embracing the pale. It doesn’t look like my skin is that pale in some of these photos but trust me, it is.

Have you ever decided to embrace your natural skin colour?


10 thoughts on “Embracing My Pale Skin”

  1. I loved reading this! I have really pale skin too and although I’ve dabbled with gradual tan in the past, I’ve decided to stick with being ghostly white. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using fake tan, but it’s so good to read about someone who’s accepted being pale xx


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  2. I think fair skin tone is beautiful. I dont get this obsession with being tan and getting disgusted by pale skin. I have fake tanned before and it was interesting to see myself so dark but honestly I’m happy with my fair skin tone and don’t want to change it I really don’t care about this trend to be tanned.

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  3. I’ve had this struggle every summer. It’s made me not want to go on beach holidays. I remember when I was a kid and I went on holiday with my friend and her parents to Spain, and the life guard said to me ‘your so pale!’ I was like, yeah that’s why I’m here! But i never ever tan! I always just go red. I’ve come to realise that pale is beautiful too! People always put their arms against mine after coming off holiday and it’s so annoying!
    Factor 50 all the way now ✌
    Great post! X


    1. thanks Clare! 🙂 i also go red and then back to white while my whole family make fun of me because they tan really well! I’m trying to embrace it! 🙂 x


  4. I’ve recently been using the St Tropez in shower gradual tan too but to be honest, I don’t mind being ghostly white much nowadays. I don’t like how I have to wear factor 50 and still manage to burn in this weather but I think being really pale adds a little bit of individuality to be honest 🙂

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