My Little Beauty

My favourite time of the month is when i receive My Little Box, a french beauty box with a mixture of lifestyle and beauty products to keep you occupied all month. What i’ve really been impressed with in these boxes, is their own beauty range ‘My Little Beauty’. I’ve received micellar water, conditioner and even a beautiful shade of red/pink lipstick. I’m excited to see what other products they introduce me too! They come in the cutest packaging and are a great size for taking on holiday or occupying the corner of your bathroom.

My little beauty body scrub

This body scrub was in the most recent box. It’s a lovely aquamarine colour and smells amazing. Unfortunately, at the moment i have a skin rash so i haven’t tried this all over but i’ve tried it on my hands – it is a little on the harsh side but i’m not sure whether this is because my skin is very sensitive at the moment. Even so, this scrub will exfoliate your skin like nothing before and will leave you feeling like you’re at the beach, with it’s summer smell.

my little beauty conditioner

Oooo, i love a good conditioner and I’m loving this at the moment. It’s such a soft conditioner and it smells amazing! You can use it as a hair mask or just use it as normal on the mid lengths to ends of your hair. Either way, this leaves my hair soft and bouncy and does not leave any greasy residue, which is always a bonus!

my little beauty face tint

Who doesn’t love a good face tint in summer. This is a pink/peachy face tint which seems scary at first but it acts like a highlighter, giving a glow to your face. It might not cover imperfections or blemishes however it can be used all over, followed by some concealer for a light weight summer beach glow. This is going to become my go to face tint for the summer. Don’t worry if it goes on really pink, when its blended in, it fits in nicely – even if you’re super pale, like me.

my little beauty face

These two beauties are a great staple to have. Micellar water, to remove make up, dirt and oil and a face mist with vitamin E to refresh your skin. On days when i’m not wearing make up, Micellar water is great in the morning to remove any dirt and oil from overnight and then a blast of the face mist gives my skin a treat and a break from wearing make up.

I love love love the my little beauty products and i’m so happy they include one in each box. I can’t wait to see what i receive next month!


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