Summer Lips

Lipstick was never something i thought of as a staple in my make up bag. I’m totally a mascara kind of girl and i couldn’t go without it! Recently though, i’ve been seeing a lot of amazingly gorgeous lipstick colours popping up this year. Everyone from Clinique to Rimmel are making gorgeous lip colours.

I’ve not had the opportunity to own a MAC lipstick, but if i can get used to the idea of wearing lipstick – it might need to be a future investment!

So, to get me into the swing of wearing lipstick, i thought i’d show you my favourite lipsticks i own. Opinions welcome people – i need  to know if i should just stick to my trusty daily face and play it safe!

Lipstick Collage Topshop Rimmel Clinique Lord & Berry

I love a good collage! I figured this was the best way to compare the colours!

Top Row Left to Right – Topshop Beauty Lipstick in Innocent, Kate for Rimmel in Rossetto (shade 33), My Little Beauty Lipstick

Bottom Row Left to Right -Clinique Chubby Stick in Plumped up Pink (shade 17) & Lord & Berry Lip Crayon in Kiss.

Here are what they look like swatched (against my unbelievably pale arm)

Lipstick Swatches topshop rimmel my little beauty clinique lord & berry

From Left to Right are as above.

Topshop Lipstick in Innocent –  £8.00

This is a very very creamy lipstick which is a purple sort of colour. It works well to highlight the lips without being too ‘n your face’. It’s sort of a nude but with a tint of colour. I do find with the creamy formula i am very aware of it on my lip and it can be very off putting. Makes my lips feel like they’re melting. Overall though, i do love the colour!

Kate for Rimmel in Rossetto (Shade 33)  – £5.49

The colour is almost the same  as the Topshop Lipstick as you can see above however, it’s a less creamy formula which is always a win, This one has more of a pink tint than the Topshop Lipstick but even so, it blends well on my lips and gives them just a hint of colour. Perfect for summer days and nights.

My Little Beauty Lipstick – Inside My Little Box

This little beauty came with the subscription box ‘My Little Box’. It doesn’t have a shade (or if it does i’ve lost the leaflet that tells me!) but it’s a very pinky red colour. More pink based than the Topshop or Rimmel Lipsticks. When it’s on your lips it can look Red or Pink, depending on the light which i love! The only problem with this is that as it’s part of the beauty range for My Little Box, i don’t think i’ll ever get my hands on it again, so i’m trying not to get too attached.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Plumped Up Pink (Shade 17)  –  £17.00

This is more of a lip balm than a lipstick but the colour deposit is the same as a lipstick. It does look very sheer on the swatch but when on your lips, it enhances your natural lip colour. I love the fact this is a lip balm because you can top it up and it gives your lips moisture. Great for the really hot days when lipstick will just slide off your face! Pretty pricey for a lip balm though!

Lord & Berry Lip Crayon in Kiss – £10.00 

I got this in a previous Glossybox but you can buy it separately for £10.00. Pricey but this a a matte lip crayon with super staying power. If you ever need a red lip to last all day and night, this is your new best friend. Once on, you have a battle on your hands to get it off. I adore the colour but i never have anywhere to wear it out too. If you’re a bold soul, you can wear this day to day but for shy people like me, it’s more of a special occasion kind of deal. Cue summer BBQ’s and cocktail evenings. Just look how beautifully red it is in the picture above.

So, what do we think? Lipstick a yay or nay for this summer?

What are your favourite lipsticks?


5 thoughts on “Summer Lips”

  1. The Rimmel one really suits you! I used to wear the Nudist shade from Soap and Glory religiously. It adds a soft pink and shine and looks great. For going out I go bright red, with the Miss Sporty shade Malaga (dumb name!) I also like anything with shimmer and glitter!

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      1. Haha it’s so ridiculous, but the red is so bright and in-your-face perfect! I find it’s super easy to bring lipsticks into everyday wear, especially if you go for a nude or pink.

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