Goodbye Glossybox


I started my Glossybox journey in February 2014. It was new to me and receiving a box each month for a set price with products i could try and fall in love with that i had never heard of before.

It started out great – new and amazing mascaras, eyeliners, body lotion. Every month i was excited to see what this month’s box brought. Then, slowly, the products stopped being relevant to me. I was hardly using any of the products in the box. Maybe i’d try it out but then i would stay in the box and a few months later, i would have a pile of boxes holding products i had never used and never had the intention of using.

Then i had a clear out. I worked out how much money i would have saved if i hadn’t opted into Glossybox compared to how many of the products i actually used. Then i started thinking what else i could have bought that i would definitely have used with that money. Oh the pain.

So that’s it. I cancelled it. June will be my last box and i’m hoping it’s a good one. I’m still signed up to My Little Box, as i think it has a variety of lifestyle and beauty products which just get better each month. I love it! I think now though i will save the money and buy myself a treat each month that i know i will enjoy!

What about you? Have you found these beauty boxes are amazing or not so much?


11 thoughts on “Goodbye Glossybox”

  1. I did glossy box fir about a year as well. I was sick of getting no makeup and all face wash and razors…I started Ipsy and have been getting it for over a year and am loving it! I think I’m going to try boxycharm next πŸ™‚

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    1. i think you normally get one thing you like and the rest you don’t but i guess they can’t please everyone. I’d rather use the money and treat myself a little each month on something i’ll definitely use! x


  2. I always worry about that with subscription boxes! I ordered one last summer (You Beauty or somesuch) which was pretty good, although I’ve only used a few bits in it. It was fairly cheap, but I wouldn’t want to keep it up- I hate wasting things! I have the same issues with LootCrate and the like too- I’m a huge nerd, but I know half the stuff would go unloved. Subscription boxes are a tricky thing, and I definitely don’t blame you for stopping!

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    1. Yeah, its like a gamble on whether ill actually use most of it and i feel like im throwing money away when i could buy something each month with the money that ill always use and know i love!


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