Twinings Detox Tea

I love a good cup of tea (who doesn’t?) but lately i feel like i’ve been treating my body horribly. Granted the ballet workout i’ve been doing recently has helped in terms of fitness and toning but the inside of my body is currently a takeaway infused, sugary drink mess which is taking it’s toll on my face so i figure now was the time to try and do something about it.

While browsing in Tesco (i only went in for 2 things and neither of them was tea but hey, what can you do!) i fell upon the Tea section. So many twinings boxes i didn’t know where to start. They have normal tea, breakfast tea, raspberry tea, camomile tea, peppermint tea, green tea and a shed load of others. So i was drawn to the detox tea.

Twinings detox tea


I didn’t want a fruity one as i tend to find them a bit too sweet so i picked up Twinings Detox with Lemon Peel, Lemon Verbena and Milk thistle which are all natural ingredients promising to purify and restore.

Twinings detox tea


It comes with 20 tea bags, and i decided to set myself a 20 days challenge – turned into 19 because Owain wanted to try one and i couldn’t stop him. He’s bigger than me.

Twinings detox tea bags


I love the yellow!

Now, do i feel any different?

Well, for the first few days i thought the tea was disgusting and tasted like wood. This is because i generally have tea strong and sweet so i wasn’t used to this no milk, no sugar kind of happenings. Once i got used to the taste i realised it wasn’t too bad and i could definitely cope for 20 days.

I didn’t feel much difference in me until around day 7 when i started to feel more awake in the morning and my skin started to look clearer and feel fresher. I do feel more alert. I hate mornings with a passion but they haven’t seemed as bad recently so i think i’m going to stick with this.

One detox tea a day and i might even change it up and try new tea’s!

What’s your favourite detox tea? Have you tried any yet?


6 thoughts on “Twinings Detox Tea”

  1. It’s not specifically a detox tea, but ive been having a mug of green tea with lemon every morning at work. Green tea has a lot of benefits and I really like the lemon version x


  2. I love that the normal tea brands are starting to bring out more teas following the detox trend – I just paid 20 quid for some SkinnyMint tea and I’m glad I don’t have to do that again! xx

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