Spring & Summer Nails

Apparently, it’s meant to be Spring. Or Summer. Looking outside it does not look that way. Clouds, Rain, Wind! Sadface.

So i thought why not inject a bit of Spring colour into my nails to really get me in the mood for Spring. Even if it doesn’t want to show it’s face just quite yet.

Spring Nails 3

So here are my pretty Spring nail colours that i am going to be wearing this season!

Topshop Nails in ‘Everybody Get Up’ 

£6.00 Topshop

This is a lovely pastel purple with little white flecks in it. It dries really quickly but you need a few coats to really see the purple on your nails. It’s a perfect girly colour with a hint of speckle!

Colour Couture in ‘White’

£8.00 BHS (For the entire set)

I don’t think that’s the name of this colour but it doesnt’ come with a specific name so i’m just going to call it white! I got this in a nail polish set from BHS from a work colleague at Christmas and i love this white colour. White makes any hint of a tan ‘pop’ and is such a clean crisp colour for the hotter months!

Nails Inc – The Optic Collection in ‘Optic Wave’

£15.00 Nails Inc

I got this polish free when buying some Nails Inc products and i’ve searched online but don’t think this is available anymore (shoot me if it’s not, i’ve never been great at searching online) but i did find Nails Inc in Queens Gardens which is similar so if you need an aqua colour like this, this is a good match! I love aqua nails and it always reminds me of the sea abroad, that clear blue/green look. Prefect for your summer holidays!

Topshop Matte Nails in ‘Sixteen Candles’

£6.00 Topshop

This is a perfect nude metallic matte shade which goes with any outfits, night or day and really adds a touch of pretty to your nails. If you can’t decide on a nail colour and think it might clash, choose this and you can wear it through every summer holiday outfit!

Mavala in ‘Pistachio’

£4.75 Boots

I love a good strange colour for summer. Forget your pinks, reds and purples. What i want is a pistachio coloured polish to make my nails stand out. Can be used for a signature nail or going the full whack but whatever you choose to do, this colour will get you noticed. I did a gradient look with this and the Nails Inc polish and everyone noticed.

I’m currently wearing the Topshop Everybody Get Up –

Topshop Nails Everybody Get Up

I have more nails polishes than i can count and never have time to wear them all! These are just a select favourite few that i will be wearing over the coming months. A yellow might sneak in their too – depends how i’m feeling!

What are your Spring/Summer polishes for this year?


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