Blonde to Brunette!

When i started this blog in July 2014, i had blonde hair. I am naturally blonde but around age 14 i desperately wanted to change my hair colour and i ended up a brunette. I sent a good 10 years of my life (almost) being a brunette and i loved it but last year i wanted a change and i began the process to change from brunette to blondeΒ (You can read about it here).

It took a while but eventually i was a blonde again. Having Β been graced with dark eyelashes and eyebrows, it was a real change and a lot of people were shocked that i was a natural blonde.

blonde hair

Hello Blonde!

I’ve been blonde as i said, for a year now and i’ve noticed my hair is in really bad condition. Whenever my roots grow, my hair begins to look dirty even after i’ve washed it as there was such a contrast – i hated that my roots didn’t blend well with my hair! So then i’d have to dye it again and where i sit to dry my hair in a morning, was loads of split ends that had snapped off. I didn’t realise how bad it was until i really paid attention.

So, i came to the conclusion i could either cut it and let it grow (and in the process have awful roots) or dye it darker.

So, i caved and dyed my hair darker again. At first, whenever i looked in the mirror i was shocked. And then i’d throw a tantrum because i didn’t like it. It’s been 24 hours now and i’ve actually washed my hair and deep conditioned it and it’s growing on me.

brunette hair

Ignore the T shirt – it’s a Pac-man t shirt and has little ghosts on it. I love it but y’know. CHILD.

It’s not quite dry in this picture and i haven’t straightened it etc (i’m trying to be kind to my hair at the moment!) but i do like it. It will definitely take some getting used too but i enjoy the change!

brunette 2

I like the colours in my hair on this photo – even if my face does look orange for some reason!

What do you think to the change?


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