Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW: Benefit

Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation

The other day, lucky me won Ā£50.00 at work on a raffle. So what better way to spend my winnings than to splash out on some new make up. I didn’t need it, but lets face it – who cares!

I decided to splash out and purchase Benefits Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation in “believe in me” Ivory. I am pale, pale as pale can be and so i need to be very careful with choosing foundation as i really do not want to end up looking orange. It’s my worst nightmare!

I’ve always been impressed with Benefit products and i’ve always seen good reviews on this foundation, so i ran into House of Fraser and i picked it up without looking back!

First Impressions

It comes with a built in pump which i love – i hate foundations where you have to tip it out as you never get all the foundation out and buying a pump to fit the bottle is just effort. So far, i am pleased with this foundation.

When i pumped some out onto the back of my hand, it looked a little orange and i panicked – oh no the orange! Ivory foundation isn’t usually THAT orange?! but when i put it on my face i was surprised. It turned from an orangey colour and perfectly matched my skin. It wasn’t patchy and didn’t dry my skin out which was perfect for me.

Yay or Nay?

It doesn’t look like i’m wearing any foundation which is always what i want from my foundation. It just evens out my skin tone and it’s a medium coverage which you can build up for evening’s out. It’s oil free and has SPF 25 in it, so you have everything covered!

Here is me without foundation on:

Benefit Oxygen WOW without

MY skin doesn’t look too bad on this photo but in real life it’s a bit more uneven and with a few red blemishes. Boo šŸ˜¦

And here is me after applying the foundation:

Benefit Oxygen Wow with

If you can see the difference, my skin has a tiny but more colour (so i don’t look too walking dead) and is more even but without being orange.

In short, i love this foundation. Although a little pricey at Ā£25.50 – i think it will last me a while and foundation is something i am willing to spend money on. as i use it almost everyday!

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?


9 thoughts on “Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW: Benefit”

  1. Well done you on winning the raffle! How exciting!
    I tried this as a sample and I was really disappointed with it šŸ˜’ it didn’t agree with my skin AT ALL! I hope you have better times with it šŸ˜ xx


  2. Congrats on the raffle! Nice to see that you’re having better luck with foundation nowadays, even if you don’t have to consult with a salesperson at the makeup counter. Foundation looks great, I’ve been meaning to try this formula for a while so I’m glad to see that it’s working out well for you!

    – J. Vo


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