Make Up Counters: My Experience

Guys. I have a problem. I HATE HATE HATE shopping in stores for foundation. Why? Because when the make up counter girls approach me, i never have a good experience and this saddens me.

I first went to Illamasqua to get matched to a foundation. I put my trust in a girl who told me she would find me the right shade for me. I was willing to spend a lot in order to find that perfect foundation that i could not get enough of. Firstly, i was doused (its the only way i can describe it!) in an orangey foundation. When she showed me my face, it wasn’t blended and i looked like i’d smeared make up on my face. I told her it was too dark and she took it off and tried a new shade. The shade was nice, but not perfect. I figured it was the way she’d applied it and bought it anyway but before i left she told me she’d ‘set’ the foundation. I trusted her, i mean who was i to know how my face would turn out?

So i make my way home. People are looking at me funny. It was only when i got home i realised she’d covered me in a bright white powder which just sat on my face. I looked like i’d been playing with chalk. I was so disappointed.

This was a while ago so today, i wandered into my nearest Debenhams and pondered around the MAC make up, completely oblivious as i’d never had any MAC make up before. A lovely women approached me and i decided to trust her. She took me off to try on some foundation. The shade was great but when she applied it, she painted it onto my skin but didn’t blend. It sat on my skin looking like someone had painted it on and got bored halfway through. You could literally see the strokes.

Now, i know i’m not an expert but surely the foundation should be blended to ensure it suits your skin tone and sits well.

Has anyone else had this or is it just me?


21 thoughts on “Make Up Counters: My Experience”

  1. Have you ever tried the Color IQ system at Sephora? I’ve had multiple makeup artists help me using this process and I’ve always loved my experience. They not only match a foundation to your face, but make sure that it’s compatible to your skin type in regards to either a powder or liquid formula and whether or not your want light to high coverage. It covers all the bases and all the recommended products are in the store for you try on so you’re not obligated to purchase because they’re always urging you to take samples and give it a try before committing. I highly recommend this, I hope this helps!

    – J. Vo

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  2. Totally agree with you! I think foundation is intrinsically difficult to get right. I also think a lot of make up girls at the counters panic and grab any colour that looks right! I’ve found that being honest with them works a treat. I just say ‘Hi, gonna be really honest I want to find a foundation that I really like as I’ve had a few bad experiences with foundation people reccommend but just don’t feel like me. Have you got some time to maybe listen to what I’m looking for and then test a few too?’ I think telling them you’re nervous about being made orange works. It’s totally luck too though, some make up girls are great and some aren’t that interested in helping the individual person! x

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  3. I had a great experience with Mac. I guess it depends who you get really! I went in for a foundation match and she did my whole make up cause she said she loved my eyes and needed to do vintage flicks ha! x

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  4. Mac I know people have had variable experience, I’ve had a great mac experience in an actual mac store but I’ve found the counters variable. Benefit in an actual benefit store was awful they had no ability or understanding of their own make of make up. Bareminerals in stores or counters are always amazing, lovely and friendly and were even great with my really makeup scared mother so kind easy going and understanding. I think they are variable and some makeup brands have stricter training thing than others brands like YSL no matter if its a counter in boots or debenhams send all of the staff on makeup artist courses. πŸ™‚

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  5. I know where you’re coming from completely. I now ask SA’s for samples to take away in my skin tone. I never let them put foundation on my skin other than one i had done by Chanel and she did a lovely job. If they don’t give you a sample, simply walk away and go to another counter and ask again. Good SA’S will always give you a sample. Great post and one a lot of people have had unfortunate experiences with, i think x

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  6. I’ve had this with 95% of the beauty counters I’ve visited. They always match the wrong colour and when they apply it they SLAP it on, so now I just do the swatching myself. Also asking for samples helps because you can never tell under those lights! Jay x

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  7. I always have a problem while choosing my foundation. I found one a few years back from Chanel that suited me perfectly. I then used this website that gave me similar shades numbers in all the other brands. I sort of use that as a guide when I shop foundations. Basically I’ve figured out if your foundation blends right into your skin, it’s the best one and it’s worked a few times.
    Hope you find your perfect foundation.
    Hajara | Chocolatefrosst Xx

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  8. aw Hun I know exactly how you feel! I actually had to complain the other day about the frankly terrible service we got at a Bare Minerals counter last week. You might know they released a new complexion rescue and I was so excited, I asked the sales guy to help me pick a colour (out of a possible 10) and was told “they are all pretty much the same so it shouldn’t matter”!!! I couldn’t believe it. I hope you find the perfect foundation soon…and despite the bad service I do recommend the Bare Mineras stuff :-). Xx

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