March 2015 Favourites – Skincare

March was a great month for me, I visited New York City, ate amazing food while i was there but i was also stuck on an airplane for a good 10 hours without fresh air. This did not go well with my skin. I spent weeks with horrible skin. It was the worst it’s ever been.

Luckily – I started to use some new products and these little babies helped my skin recover and i’ve become a lot happier with how my skin looks going into April!

Nivea Cellular Anti Age Serum

Nivea Cellular Anti Age Serum

This little beauty was a purchase i made after trying a sample of Clinique’s Serum. This  made my skin feel so smooth and it’s amazing to use under make up as it helps foundation to go on smoother but it’s also great for using as part of your daily skincare routine even when you’re not planning on wearing make up.

It smooths the skin out and i know it’s an anti age serum but prevention is better than the cure, right? I love using anti age products on my skin because they work even if you are young! I picked this up from Tesco in my weekly shop and it was only £10 at the time. I was toying with the idea of picking up some Clinique Serum but it’s pricey and this does the job just as good!

Tesco Hydrating Night Cream

tesco hydrating night cream

I picked this up on a whim, it was very cheap at £1. I wasn’t holding my hopes up for this but i’ve never used a night cream before and didn’t want to splash out if it wasn’t something i could get used to using. For £1, this is great – i was very surprised! I put a little bit on before bed and when i wake up my face is left feeling soft and smooth. It also smells of cucumber which is really refreshing. I’m pleasantly surprised with this little purchase and i think i will be repurchasing this when i run out! You can’t go wrong for £1!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +

clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion

Now, I love Clinique, they are my favourite for skincare and i recently ran out of my moisturiser. I used to have the gel version of this moisturiser but i accidentally picked up the lotion instead. At first, it felt greasy on my skin and i did not think i would carry on using it but after a few days i found my skin soaked it up without leaving a greasy mess. I find i need to use less with the lotion than the gel so this will last me a lot longer too! It’s quite pricey at around £17.50 but it’s worth it, trust me!

Also, i have one skincare favourite in the form of body scrub that i couldn’t miss out!

Treacle Moon Coconut Body Scrub

treacle moon coconut body scrub

How cute is the packaging on Treacle Moon products! I picked this up from Tesco because i had a craving for coconut and came across this. This body scrub leaves your skin feeling smooth and leaves you smelling amazing! Why do i not have more Treacle Moon products in my bathroom. I think i’ll have to start collecting. This was £2.99 from Tesco and they usually have offers on so what are you waiting for?

I’m so happy with my skin right now, helped by these little beauties.

What have you been loving?


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