Why Your Vote Matters!

Why vote? I hear you say. Voting is something we are all eligible to do (providing you’re of age) and something which impacts us all, regardless of who you are or where you live. I was thinking last night about the general election coming up (exciting i know) and i got me thinking that a lot of people choose not to vote because they can’t be bothered, because they don’t understand politics or they think one vote won’t count anyway. Well i’m here to tell you it does.

  • It doesn’t impact me.

Voting and elections impact everyone. If you are of age, you should vote. Every part of the UK, people are elected to represent your area by holding elections. If you vote, you get a say in who represents you. If you don’t vote, you don’t. It’s as simple as that. Voting gives you a say on important issues – imagine if you disagreed with a political party but because you didn’t vote, you didn’t get a say and they ended up representing you when you don’t agree with their values?

  • My Vote won’t count, It’s only one Vote. 

Sorry my friend but every vote counts. I know it might not seem like it as you only have one vote but what if 500 people thought the same as you and didn’t vote. This could be the difference needed to elect someone the people want but if they don’t vote, how will we know!

  • I’m out of the country. 

Well my friend, you can register to vote via post or have someone elected do it on your behalf!

  • I have no idea about politics!

You don’t have to have a wealth of knowledge about politics. Find out who’s running for your area online or through media such as newspapers and the news and see who’s policies you agree and disagree with and cast your vote according to who you would want to represent you. Voila!

  • I can’t be bothered.

People have fought and died in their bid to secure a vote. If you’re a woman, think about all those women who fought and gave their lives for equal rights and the power to vote. Just because you now have that power, does not mean you shouldn’t use it because you can’t be bothered to vote. People in other countries still don’t have the ability to vote and are often ruled by dictators. We are lucky that we have a democracy and we allow the people of the country to vote for the people to represent us. Don’t take it for granted.

If you need more information or have further questions, they can generally all be answered here. It gives you informaiton on how to register to vote or vote by proxy and has answers to your FAQ’s!

The upcoming election is May 7th. Make sure you’re ready!


4 thoughts on “Why Your Vote Matters!”

  1. I seriously love this. As someone who didn’t vote in the first election that I was of age to (I was probably a combination of all things listed above other than “out of the country” lol!) I so much appreciate this post because more people need to know how important it really is, and what an honor it is too! Getting involved in politics isn’t always “fun” in the sense that views can clash, conversations with others in the world around you don’t always go smoothly, etc. but the feeling of knowing that you did your part to stand up for the ideologies that you believe in is super fulfilling. I love the “advocacy” aspect of it. You can vote for things that matter to you. You can spread awareness on issues that are important to you. DO IT PEOPLE, DO IT! 🙂


  2. Great post! There is very little difference between the main parties. And it can seem like normal people like us are not represented by the out of touch, and over privileged people in Westminster. But if you don’t vote you’re giving them free reign to carry on looking out for themselves. So keep them on their toes. If the the youngest voters turned out on polling day and had their say, there could be some real positive changes !

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