New York! New York! Final Day!

So my friends, this was our final day in New York and we decided we were going to hop on over to Brooklyn and see the view of the city skyline from there and also to see the Brooklyn Bridge!

So here it is – the last of our trip to NYC! It was great, so many memories. You can’t really believe how big the city is until you are there. Plus the atmosphere is great!

NYC Skyline

This was the city from the walkway in Brooklyn! It felt so surreal thinking we were walking around there earlier in the day!

Brooklyn Bridge

We then decided to walk back into the city via the Brooklyn bridge! It’s got a great view and you can see all the cars below you travelling across the bridge too! Also, fun fact of the day – the cables for the Brooklyn Bridge were made in the building i live in now in Sheffield! It was converted into flats and it’s called Brooklyn Works! 🙂

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Also, people had started putting locks on the bridge, like the love lock bridge in Paris. Someone has also write above it ‘out of style’ which i agree with. It’s best done once and left in Paris. After all, Paris is a romantic city where the bridge looks beautiful with the addition of the locks whereas these locks on the Brooklyn Bridge just look like old locks on a bridge. It kind of ruins it.

NYC cathedral

After we crossed the bridge we walked back through the city. I wanted to find some place to get some sweets (YAY) and we decided on Dylans Candy Bar!

The picture above was something i was completely overwhelmed by when i rounded a corner to be present with this. It’s so shocking the sheer size of it, just in the middle of a busy city such as NYC. This is something you would see in the countryside in all it’s glory in the UK. It looks so out of place next to the tall square city buildings.

Dylans Candy Bar

We eventually found Dylan’s Candy bar and my god was it worth it. Two floors of mountains of sweets! We picked up a bar of Hershey’s chocolate (not as good as UK Cadburys) and a few tubs of sweets which were all based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Laffy Taffy anyone?

After this, we grabbed some food to go (Mcdonalds, let’s face it) and headed back to the hotel to pick up our luggage to then head towards JFK.

I cannot describe how much i loved NYC but i was also equally excited about being back home. Normal plug sockets, crossings that actually let you cross without fear of being run down by a big yellow taxi and being in a city that actually sleeps!

Plane at night

We had an overnight plane journey back and i can’t sleep on planes so i was awake for 28 hours. If you knew me, you would know i’m not nice when i’m tired. Whether it’s morning or night, so you can imagine how much of a happy bunny i was when i was reunited with my bed!

But look at the view from the plane. If it was like this all the way home, i wouldn’t have minded that i had been awake that long. The view taking off was spectacular. That’s right, spectacular!


A delay before boarding in Iceland was not welcome at 8am after no sleep. Sitting on the floor was my only option! Everyone else pretty much followed me on that – trendsetter right here!

Well, i hope you all enjoyed looking at my NYC trip and my (awful, awful) photos. I promise my next trip i will photograph better. I was just so excited to be in NYC i forgot about taking nice pictures!


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