New York! New York! Part 3!

After walking miles and miles on our first day around Central Park and then up to the World Trade Centre, we decided to keep it local the next day. We spent our time wandering around manhattan, checking out the Rockerfella Plaza and the Empire State Building!

radio city new york

We saw Radio City – it was very near to our hotel which was good – and also just around the corner was the studio where they film shows such as Jimmy Fallon etc! Exciting times!

rockerfella plaza

rockerfella plaza

The Rockerfella Plaza was very pretty – included an iceskating rink outside and lots of flags! It’s a great place to chill and have a coffee and watch people ice skate and have fun! We didn’t ice skate as owain said no so i wasn’t about to venture out in front of everyone on my own!

We didn’t go up the Rockerfella as we had tickets already for the Empire State Building so we figured the view is pretty much similar.

new york

I love this picture. These buildings are all the same and it shows the sheer size and scale of them compared to the cars and people below. It’s truly breathtaking!

Next up was the Empire State Building. It was just about to get dark and it was SO COLD up there so it’s a bit misty on the pictures but the view was incredible. There is a  little audio tour as well while you wander through the building before you go up to the observation deck and it’s sort of like a little museum about how it was built and how it it’s eco friendly etc. Well worth a tour of!

empire state building

empire state building

empire state building

empire state building

empire state building

I would have loved to have stayed until it got really dark but it was far too cold up there to wait. Also, they should definitely open a small cafe to sell coffee up there. I would be in heaven then!

Tickets are not expensive – we bought them before we went and i think they were $25 each – which is a lot less than i expected. You can get them when you turn up but i think the wait is a lot longer as we went straight through.

Such a good day! It was rather wet and slightly chilly but it could have been worse! Plus i love being all cosy in my hat and coat in cities. Cities in summer feel too icky to me.

Part 4 tomorrow – we Visited Brooklyn and walked over the Brooklyn Bridge  🙂


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