New York! New York! Part 2!

So, we reached our Hotel at 10pm New York time and so to us it felt like 2am UK time. I was so tired so i made an executive decision to sleep so i wasn’t tired for the next day and we could go on a massive adventure of the city!

We ventured out of the hotel around 9am and started walking and exploring. We had things in mind we wanted to see but we thought we would start off with simply walking and seeing some of the city.

We walked past times square and i managed to take one picture because there is so many people asking tourists to go on these bus rides and i hate that. I wanted to take pictures in peace but you just can’t do that so i took one and we walked on.

Times square new york

The photo doesn’t give the size and the scale of times square justice so if you get chance, go see it! The colours and the lights are so bright even in the middle of the day!

Walking a little further north we stumbled across Central Park! New York had just had a huge snow storm week the week before we turned up so there was still so much snow on the ground but it was beautiful! The paths were all clear so you could walk through and you could see the skyline of the city through the trees which was amazing šŸ™‚

Central park New York

Central park new york

central park new york

After we walked around Central Park for a while in the morning, we headed to Madison Avenue to venture up and down there and have a nosey in the shops!

Madison Avenue

We also found Macy’s and went to have a look in there too – so many floors, so many shops and stalls and all so sparkly! We eventually found a Mcdonalds to eat as Owain was really excited about seeing the difference between USA and UK Mcdonalds. Apparently, the strawberry milkshakes are made with real fruit in USA and they are to die for! I’ll never look at a Mcdonalds strawberry milkshake in the same way again! Everything else is pretty much the same though, you can’t go wrong with a Bag Mac.

After this we went on another little walk (i say little, we walked about 20 miles that day) because taking the subway cuts out all the parts of the city and you don’t see anything!

We bumped into the Ghostbusters building by mistake, but Owain was very happy at this then we could see the World Trade Centre so we walked in that direction. I wanted to see the memorial and to just really visit the site and see the new World Trade Centre they had built.

new york world trade memorial

new york world trade centre

new york world trade memorial

new york world trade

The memorials are 2 huge squares in the ground with running water down the sides and into the middle. Around the edges, there are names of those who lost their lives during 9/11. It’s a beautiful memorial and the sound of the water is so therapeutic. The new World Trade Centre is also beautiful and so tall! If you ever get chance to go to New York, make sure you go see this!

So this was our first full day in New York! We didn’t go see the statue of liberty however, we saw it from afar from Battery Park when we went to see the World Trade centre however, the pictures are not the best so i have decided not to include them.

Part 3 tomorrow will be our trip to the Empire State building and our second full day in New York City! I hope you’ve enjoyed an insight into our holiday so far!


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