New York! New York! Part 1!

Hotel & Travelling there!

I’m writing these posts in parts because there was so much we did and so many pictures i cant fit them all in one post!

If you don’t already know from my tons of twitter pictures and tweets about NYC, i recently visited the city for a city break with Owain! We went from Monday – Thursday night and it was incredible. There was not a day where i wasn’t overwhelmed by the size and scale of the buildings. The food was amazing, the people were so nice and our hotel was the absolute bees knees!

Now i am not the best photo taker but i’ve decided not to edit these pictures because they’re mine from NYC and im proud of my wonky pictures and want to remember it that way! πŸ™‚

Here are some photos from our trip and a little insight into what we did! Hope you enjoy them!

First off, let me start by saying i am terrified of taking off in planes. I had a nightmare that i died in a plane crash just after take off and hadn’t flown since so safe to say i was nervous! I panicked the whole was to the airport, the week before and while the plane was casually cruising down the runway to get ready take off. In short, i was the most annoying person imaginable.

Once take off had happened and i was still alive, i was fine and ready to check out the scenery down below and take some wonderful photos! (The windows were all dirty – it’s not my camera, promise!)



Also FYI – the Iceland Air plane had cabin lights which lit up like the northern lights! SO cute –


We flew via Iceland air so we had a stop off for an hour in Reykjavik – I took some pictures while on the plane journey there which altogether took about 8 hours! I was absolutely drained by the time we got to NYC, not to mention Jet lagged all over the shop as well. It was 10pm USA time and it felt like 2am UK time and man was i tired!

The view from our hotel window soon perked me up though and the hotel was an absolute dream when we arrived! We stayed at Citizen M and it’s the best choice of hotel we have ever made.

Citizen m hotel view

I know the pictures not the best but it just shows you how much you could see – the window was massive! Also, there was a mini ipad in the room which allowed you to control everything from the tv to the mood lighting to the artwork on the walls! AMAZING RIGHT!

Citizen m hotel

The kitchen/breakfast serving area!

Citizen m hotel

The outside eating/drinking area!

Citizen m hotel

The bar with the nicest staff! They asked us about our trip and spoke to us about where we had been and where we were going. They gave us recommendations and even made sure our luggage was stored free of charge on the day of our departure! Such amazing people!

Citizen m hotel

The hotel wall in the reception!

Citizen m hotel

Total mood lighting in the room. You could change it to run on a loop so it changed a different colour every few minutes or you could leave it on one colour! The shower was such a great experience in different colours, especially as it had a water fall shower head!

Citizen m hotel

Cute elevator door!

For anyone staying in NYC or even London (they have a hotel there too) i would 100% recommend this hotel! We booked 3 nights for Β£422 – free wifi, no hidden fees or costs. This hotel is situated just around the corner from times square, we didn’t even have to cross any roads and we were already there, literally 30 seconds away! So you don’t have to travel far to get to the tourist sites or for food/shopping etc! I could not find a single fault with this hotel, except the fact we had to leave. It also has a rooftop bar but sadly, no pictures of that!

If you want to check out this hotel for yourself go to their website and browse – the pictures are exactly what it looks like!Β Click the link!

Part 2 will be up tomorrow & this will be pictures of our first day as tourists in NYC!

Stay tuned…


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      1. Haha, well my gf always tells me that I should not be walking while taking pictures. A hint that would help you as well πŸ˜€ Great to hear. Keep on enjoying traveling πŸ™‚

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