L’Occitane Precious Cream Moisturiser

I’ve always loved me a good moisturiser, especially with all this cold weather! I received this little pot of miracles in one of my previous Glossybox’s and for ages i didn’t use it because i wasn’t sure about whether it would agree with my oily skin. Then, i ran out of my trusty Clinique moisturising gel so decided to give it a go and i love it!

loccitance perfect cream 2

It’s a teeny tiny sample pot but the full size of 50ml retails at £43.00 so it must be good! It’s a tiny blue glass container which is really pretty but not big enough to use for anything else after this has all gone which is a shame.

My face tends to feel really tight and dry after cleansing but this cream glides on so easily and straight away it relieves the dry feeling! It’s amazing in winter months when the weather is awful! It doesn’t leave any oily residue which is a bonus! It doesn’t have any overpowering perfumed smell to it and it’s hasn’t caused any issues with my skin such as random breakouts or irritation!

I don’t think i’d be able to justify buying this going forward but for now i still have a lot of this left and it’s getting me through!

Do you have any products from L’Occitane?


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