Real Techniques Foundation Brush

For ages i’ve been dying to find the best way to apply my foundation. I used sponges, flat foundation brushes and even my fingers. I had heard of Real Techniques brushes from friends and the internet but i had never had the urge to really invest in one. Until now.

real techniques brush

Look at that beauty! So, i pondered the aisles of Boots a few weeks ago wondering what i could treat myself too and stumbled upon the make up brushes. I immediately picked up this foundation brush and walked away with it, without a second thought. I had used some of my friends real techniques brushes but was curious as to how it would work for me on a daily basis.

I was not disappointed.

The brush is so easy to handle, it’s not too big, it’s not too small. Its just right to get the right angle to buff the foundation into your face. I use liquid foundation and this brush had made my mornings! (Even Mondays, it’s a miracle!)

I’ve realised with this brush that you only need a small amount of foundation and it blends it and spreads it really evenly over your face, so you step out looking fresh faced and not at all like you’ve smothered yourself in foundation. I’ve found i’ve used a lot less foundation with thus brush.

Also, it takes so little time to apply foundation. It buffs and blends all at one so a few swishes using this brush on your face and you’re ready to go! I would recommend anyone who doesn’t own one of these brushes to definitely invest! I feel a spending spree on more of their brushes coming on!

Have you tried this make up brush, what did you think?


14 thoughts on “Real Techniques Foundation Brush”

      1. I use it to contour! It’s really good for creating the contour line at the bottom then use a lighter brush for the highlight xxx


      1. I wanted to try the Metals but the handle is so long I feel like I’m too clumsy to handle those haha. I am looking to buy the blush brush as a powder brush, I’ve heard amazing things about that brush!

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