Gym, Gym & more Gym

In case you didn’t see this last post about giving something up for lent, let me catch you up… (or if you wish to read it, feel free!)

I decided that instead of giving something up for lent – because, lets face it, i’ve never been good at sticking to things let alone giving things up! Remember that 30 day workout challenge i posted about here? Well, that stopped on day 8. I felt super bad and i just felt like it wasn’t working for me as it was a tiny workout each day and my mind eventually got into the process of thinking it wasn’t going to do any good anyway. Bad bad bad bad bad!

So, i decided to add something in instead of giving up – cue the Gym. In our flat, we have a free communal gym which is well looked after and has all the equipment you need.

It’s been a week since Lent started and i have been to the gym 3 times! That’s once every 2 days! I’m such a proud little person!

My first visit i did a little workout on the treadmill, cross trainer and weights to get myself into it. I did this on my second trip too. Today, on my 3rd trip i just used the cross trainer for 16 minutes. This felt like a workout but the thing is, it feels good. I never thought i would say that.

Going to the gym makes me want to continue (strangest thing i have ever said) and i would feel really bad if i stopped going. Maybe i’m ‘turning over a new leaf’ as they say!

Let’s hope this continues!


6 thoughts on “Gym, Gym & more Gym”

  1. Ah I wish we had a communal gym, we only have one way down the road! I actually gave up sugar for lent which is going well. I’m aiming for 10,000 steps a day which is a good way of trying to get up and active as well. Hope the gym keeps going well for you! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

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