Giving up for Lent

Now, i am in no way religious and don’t go to church however, i understand Lent is a time of repentance and renewal. So people usually give up something for 40 days until Easter Sunday in order to cleanse themselves. A lot of the time, it’s chocolate or sugar etc etc.

Now, since all my new years resolutions have failed miserably, I feel Lent may not go so well but, i figure i’ll give it a try.

I did originally think of giving up spending money on myself for 40 days but in 2 weeks i go to New York and i feel that is not going to be possible and i wanted it to be something i can actually stick to this time.

I thought about giving up sugar in my Tea but that’s been tried previously and i FAILED. I can’t give up my laptop as i need it for work. FAIL.

So instead of giving something up – i’m going to add something in!

I have a free gym in my building that in the 7 months of living here, i have never ever used. So i’m going to stop being lazy and start getting fit!

Anyone with me? Do you give anything up for Lent?


3 thoughts on “Giving up for Lent”

  1. What a fab thing today – Rather than setting ourselves up to fail and depriving ourselves miserably of things we simply cannot go without, add something to better your days! I guarantee if you do start the gym lots, it’ll become a routine and after the 40 days it will be scheduled into your life 😊 Well Done Bev! xxx

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  2. I love that idea of adding something! I’ve currently given up desserts for 2 weeks. Nothing to do with Lent, just needed a detox. 4 days in, so far so good. For Lent, I could work on adding more healthy foods – fruits and veggies. Good luck with the gym!!

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