Hair Changes & A Look Back!

So, last time i did my hair update in January, i looked like this:


I was trying SO SO hard to grow my hair but when it gets to the point where it’s always on my neck, i cave in. This time was no exception. I felt like my hair was becoming too dry and the ends were splitting and i daren’t use heat on it in case i ruined it more (this is what dying your hair back blonde from dark brunette does to you!).  I ended up having to tie my hair up 5 days a week for work and whats the point in growing your hair if you’re going to not want it down as it annoys you too much?

So, i’ve come to the conclusion that i’m definitely a short haired girl at heart. Plus after stumbling across Essie Button’s video on twitter where she had all her hair chopped off, i was inspired. So, i went for it!

Et Voila!

short hair_Fotor

Aint the best picture but i love it! I feel so much more like me as i’ve had short hair since i was about 14 and it’s never really grown past my shoulders without me getting it all hacked off.

While i was thinking about my hair, i started to look through some photos i forgot i had of my hair over the past 8 months.

Take a look at these!

hair22 hairrr hair 33

These make me smile!

So now, i’ve vowed to look after my hair a bit more now it’s all healthier and shorter and hopefully if i decide to branch out into the world of long hair again, i’ll have a better chance. I’m still thinking of cutting more off though! EEEEK.


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