Why I Hate Valentines Day.

Valentines Day

14th February – that day where all guys feel bad if they don’t get their girlfriend at least a little something & that day where all single girls tell the world they don’t care about Valentines Day.

Now, i am in a relationship but despise Valentines day with a passion. I hate the presumption that couples must do something nice. The questions ‘Oh, what did so&so get you for Valentines?’ and ‘What did you do (or are you doing) for Valentines Day?’. Then, cue the gasps of horror when you say ‘nothing’. Then starts the ‘oh are you arguing?’ etc etc.

I am lucky because i have a boyfriend who does little things for me everyday – like getting all of my favourite things together such as a film, pj’s, bubble bath & candles because i’ve had a hard week at work. I would hate to put the pressure on him to buy me something on Valentines Day because chances are i won’t like it.

I don’t like that shops and the media make it out like you have to celebrate Valentines Day by buying your other half presents and cards which usually are either chocolates, flowers or teddy bears. Don’t get me wrong, i get flowers often on random days of the week in random months and it makes me smile but there’s something about Valentines Day presents which just makes me think it’s so CHEESY.

Let me clear this up – I don’t hate people that celebrate Valentines Day  -in fact i love, love, love readingother peoples cute Valentines Day stories however, celebrating it is just not for me. Please don’t think i’m hating on you if you love celebrating it – it’s your choice 🙂 but I can’t imagine anything worse than going for a meal only to be surrounded by loads of other couples just knowing you’re out because of Valentines Day. Cringe.

Do you love or hate Valentines Day? Also, feel free to share Valentines Day love & hate stories with me to prove me wrong or to make me laugh!


14 thoughts on “Why I Hate Valentines Day.”

  1. Finally! Someone who shares my loathing. I also have a boyfriend and hate it. It’s just another marketing ploy for companies to get our money. Plus, it’s a week after my birthday so it’s just pointless exchanging more gifts. It’s just another day for us 😊

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  2. I am totally the same!! Me and my husband dont celebrate valentines day weve been together 8years and the first year we were together wed been dating a month when valentines day came around i worked in a call centre at the time and he had flowers delivered to my office i was so embarrassed and we vowed never to do valentines day again! Dont get me wrong the flowers were beautiful and the gesture was lovely but we just dont need a specified day to buy over priced flowers chocolates and cards for each other we do little things all the time to show our appreciation for each other glad im not the only one who doesnt celebrate! I do however love seeing my friends get spoiled by their partners on valentines xx

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  3. I totally agree! I have never seen the point in buying presents on a specific day to tell someone you love them. I think love should be spontaneous and couples should do things and buy little presents because they want to and not because they are being forced to do it because it is the done thing to do.

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  4. I like it as an excuse to go out a little fancier than we normally do. Though we do that every few months already, and have decided we don’t want to celebrate vday on the actual day because stuffs more expensive, reservations harder to get, etc.

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  5. I also hate when people gasp after you tell them that you didn’t celebrate. I hate going out on Valentine’s day, I like to stay in… my husband does buy me chocolate and flowers which I think is sweet. but I do think people should “express” their love on all days of the year, not just on february 14th!


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