30 Day Workout Plan

New year, New You. Well, i broke pretty much every single one of my New Years Resolutions in January so i figured since My Little Box has a 30 day workout plan in it’s January 2015’s magazine that it would be a good time to at least try and be a bit more active.

So, since February is a new month I decided to start from the 1st. Today’s workout included 10 sit ups, 5 bicycle crunches and 8 squats – easy right? Well, I thought so until afterwards when my legs hurt and i realised I am no where near active enough! Here’s hoping my legs don’t hurt tomorrow and i can still continue!

I’m hoping I manage to complete this challenge and i may use Owain to annoy me until i do it everyday as a motivator!

work out challenge

my little box workout

my little box workout

30 day workout my little box

This is a 30 day workout so will take me just into March – I will do an update at some point to let you know how i’m getting on with this. I’m not sure what i plan on doing once i’ve finished this as i’m sure it would be too easy for me to go back to the beginning and start again… Any suggestions guys? 

So, who’s with me on this? Anyone?


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