My Little Energy Box 2015

Yippeeee – It’s the first new My Little Box of the New Year & it’s here to make sure you are sticking to those resolutions! Well, the ones about exercise anyway!

This month’s box comes with a very adorable and practical gym bag which doubles as a cute carry all as my friend Rachel demonstrated this Saturday 🙂 It also comes with a monthly calendar for you to use but it also has a daily workout routine for you to follow which will be my motivation in February (too many meals out with work in January to even start to care), I’ve promised my body i will look after it a bit better this year! They also have the magazine which has some very cute hair tutorials and interviews. Plus, there’s also the regular bag of beauty items. This month it’s an energising face spray, a nails inc polish and a hydrating moisturiser! What more could a girl want in these cold winter months!

calendar 2015

Gym bag

my little world

my little beauty bag

I love love love this time of the month where i receive little surprises. It’s so hard trying not to read other posts where they already have theirs before i get my hands on mine!

If you haven’t already signed up, start now! Read all about it here!


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