& Relax…

The past 3 weeks I have been in Leicester for work & living in a hotel for 4 nights a week. Now, in the beginning i was so excited. Hotels? Meals out? Away with work? I thought it would be an amazing adventure. Now, don’t get me wrong, i loved it. I loved the people, the work, the food i ate but boy was it tiring. They don’t tell you this before.

Pretty soon i was dragging my lazy self out of bed at half 5 on a Monday morning & travelling to Leicester only to work the full day & arrive at the hotel for about half 6. Check in, chill for 10 mins and then out again for food. This gets tiring. Even when you’re in the hotel you have to wake up at half 6 just to be on time. Traffic is terrible.

Anyway, the good people over at Lloyds Pharmacy saw my cry for help on twitter at 6am after the worst night’s sleep in the history of sleep. They got in touch and told me they had some exciting relaxing products for me to try. Cue me all curious and having to wait until i got home to open it.

But then, the moment came:

lloyds pharmacy

A personalised card! How cool are these guys. Here’s what else i received in my mystery box:

lloyds box

deep sleep pillow spray

radox bath salts

seaweed face mask

A tub of Radox muscle soak bath salts which smell amazing! They make your skin so soft and the smell can definitely send me to sleep! A Deep Sleep pillow spray which helps you fall asleep better and leaves you feeling refreshed when you wake up! A seaweed face mask which you mix up yourself! *

*gifted, not purchased.

I’ve used the bath salts which are a dream but i’ve yet to have time to use the face mask but i’m sure come Sunday i will be lounging in my pj’s with this on my face. The Deep Sleep pillow spray smells gorgeous and i think i’ll definitely be using this tonight. Watch this space!

So a big thanks to the guys at Lloyds Pharmacy – they have everything you could need & i didn’t think a relaxing night’s sleep could be bought! YAY!


4 thoughts on “& Relax…”

  1. Wow that’s awesome!
    And you poor girl, Leicester is a horrible city – and I’m allowed to say that because I’m from Leicester! I hated working in the city, and the traffic is always terrible. At least you had a nice little something to keep you going! haha. x

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