Blood Brothers – A Review

blood brothers ticketI have been a bad bad blogger over the past few weeks. I have been away with work and only back on the weekends which does not give me enough time to do anything for myself such as see friends and family let alone blog!

So, to update you with something i did over the past few weeks: i went to the Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield to see Blood Brothers. I’ve already seen this musical before about 3/4 times when i was at school and college and it will never ever get boring for me.

For those of you who don’t know, Blood Brothers is the story of two brothers who were parted at birth but meet later in childhood and become friends, not knowing they are brothers. It follows their friendship and also the struggles of their families as they are completely different – one being working class and the other middle class. I won’t say any more than that however, it’s such a good story and very tense and emotional pretty much all the way through whether you are laughing or crying!

Blood Brothers always has an amazing cast and this time was no exception – Marti Pellow and Maureen Nolan were among the outstanding cast. I’ll always have a soft spot for any actor who plays Mickey too, his Liverpudlian accent and his cheeky face just make me smile!

I managed to get front row tickets for opening night and it was unbelievable. If you haven’t seen this musical, you should! I think it’s about time i saw more musicals and plays too! I love that Sheffield has a theatre which showcases some of the best musicals and plays out there and i can see them all just on my doorstep.

Do you have any favourite musicals or are you due to see any shortly? I really want to see the Woman in Black again, so scary!


6 thoughts on “Blood Brothers – A Review”

  1. I saw Blood Brothers a few years ago whilst I was at school and saw Maureen Nolan and Marti Pellow, i agree that the show is just incredible.
    I’m off to see Wicked in March, so that will be good.
    I REALLY REALLY want to see Les Mis on broadway.

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