New Years Resolutions 2015

new year res

It’s that time of year again. Time to make resolutions for the new year. Some will be obtainable while others will be a challenge. Towards the end of this year i have tried to start on some resolutions already so i have a head start on New Year.

In 2015, i actually plan on keeping to my resolutions (the only one i’ve ever managed is to stop biting my nails!).

Here are my resolutions for 2015:

1) Drink More Water.

2) Always take my make up off before bed. 

3) Keep Active (Whether it’s a run around the block or a trip to our gym). 

4) Look after my Hair – it ends up in terrible condition & makes me sad. 

5) Save Money. 

So, there’s only 5 but i figured they are not out of reach of achieving. I might do a monthly update on these to see how well i am doing and can then look back at the end of the year. Yikes, it goes so fast!

What are your resolutions for 2015?


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