Christmas Nails: How To…

Christmas NailsYay for Christmas – i’ve been putting off painting my nails in a Christmas theme as i felt they would chip off and look awful before Christmas day but as i have a few days off work i gave in!

I received some red nail glitter in one of my last Glossybox’s – it may have been November – so i decided i would do a festive glittery red nail!

christmas nail art

First, i made sure i had some clear nail polish and some paper down on the floor as the glitter gets everywhere! I poured a bit of the glitter into the lid so i could dip my finger tips in it.

I started off by painting my nails in Nails Inc ‘Tate’ which i got free with Glamour Magazine last month. It’s a deep red which is perfect for the festive season!

While my nail was still wet i dipped it in the glitter lid to coat the tips and then any bits which needed filling in i used either my fingers or a nail art brush to get it precise.

I then waited for this to dry and coated it with a fair few coats of clear polish to set it.

I did my left hand first and then left it an hour or two to prevent it from smudging as i would have cried! It always seems to happen to me whenever my nail polish is looking good!

If this comes off before Christmas Day, i might have a go at snowflake nails. Ooooo.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Nails: How To…”

  1. I always wondered how to do glitter, but I’ve never been brave enough too! You’ve inspired me.

    Also, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! (Hopefully you haven’t been nominated for this one already.) You can get more information here, I really hope you get the chance to do it! I’d love to read yours. =-)

    Liked by 1 person

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