My All Time Top 5 Christmas Films

We all love a good film, but Christmas is the time when the classics as well as the favourites come out and for some films, they are only acceptable to watch at Christmas time! So i thought i’d share my top 5 Films i love to watch at Christmas!


Die Hard.


Stay with me now. Owain makes me watch this on Christmas eve so, naturally it had to make the list. I apologise.




Even if you hate Will Ferrel, this film has a blonde Zooey Deschanel in it so you really can’t go wrong! It’s christmassy and will leave you quoting it for years to come. SANTA! OH MY GOD, I KNOW HIM!


The Holiday.


Oooo, i love this film! I watch this film all year round but as it’s set at Christmas i like to bust it out every Christmas! It’s about getting over people and finding happiness (and i mean, who can go wrong with Jack Black?).


Love, Actually.

love, actually

This is also a film i watch all year round but i also love watching at Christmas! I love films set at Christmas and this one never gets old. About the lives of different people entwined with lots of twists and turns. Eeeee.



home alone

If you don’t watch this at Christmas then get out. It’s on without fail and is one of the classic Christmas films. I wouldn’t have been able to leave this out of my top 5! I think i’ll be watching this film for years to come!

What are your favourite Christmas films? I’ve probably missed loads off but these are my ultimate top 5 which i could watch over and over every Christmas and never get bored. Number 5 is an exception as Owain will make me watch it until i like it!


4 thoughts on “My All Time Top 5 Christmas Films”

  1. I love Love Actually. Tear up every single time. Love them all really. On my to watch lists are Miracle on 34th street and It’s a wonderful life. Apparently both are really good so I will be watching all of the above as well as these two this year xx

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