Model for Murder: A Book Review

model for murder

Model for Murder: The story of Blake Hetherington and his road to finding a murderer in Tuesbury. He also makes hats.

I started reading this book on my journey to work and pretty soon i lost track of where i needed to get off. From the start you are drawn in, wanting to know more. A murder has occurred you say? I wonder who ‘dunnit’? Blake certainly wants to know & so do i!

The story starts off with learning about Blake and his close friend and archaeologist, Delilah and then they are off! On the hunt for a murderer in their small town, Tuesbury!

This book leaves you guessing and has twists and turns coming from no where! Think you know who’s guilty? Think again!

Read it to the end and i guarantee you will be yearning for more!

D S Nelson describes her characters in a way in which you feel like you know them – i’m just waiting for my new hat off my friend Blake Heth- oh, right! Once you start you won’t want to put the book down, I nearly missed my bus stop a few times reading this book!

I think i’ll be having a browse at her other books, this was a surprisingly great read!

Have a browse of her website at or check out her Amazon page here! You can get this book on Kindle & Paperback!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

*This book was gifted to me for this review

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