The ‘Me’ Time Tag.


🙂 so i was tagged by the lovely Becca from Beckinablog to do this tag and so i thought i’d give it a go as i haven’t done one in ages and i was very happy to be thought of 🙂

So, here goes…

What do you watch or read during me time?

I love catching up on shows i’ve missed like Made in Chelsea or The Apprentice but as guilty pleasures during days off i love watching the Millionaire Matchmaker or re runs of criminal minds & CSI:Vegas! So cheesy but i love them! I’m not currently reading anything as i need to read my book for  a work certificate and my next uni module starts in February 2015 so i’m saving my brain for that!

What do you wear during me time?

Pj’s always! Pj’s when i get home from work, Pj’s on my days off or any Sunday. I love my hand knitted socks made by Owains mum too, they are so comfy without being too warm! And currently, my wooly jumpers are the best to snuggle up in and watch tv with a good cup of tea!

What are your me time beauty products?

Normally this is for ‘me time bath time’ and i generally use a hair mask on my hair (whichever i have available) or just a long condition using my current shampoo, exfoliate my skin with my Clinique exfoliator as it’s so refreshing! I use my Garnier body moisturiser and i feel all set after this and lovely and refreshed/clean!

Current favourite nail polish?

I have loads of different brands and colour of nail polish but i recently got Essie ‘Cute as a button’ and i’m in love with it!

What do you eat/drink during me time?

Same as Becca, a bit of milkshake which i make in a cocktail shaker because, y’know improv. It’s ALWAYS a banana milkshake too! Usually i drink tea but if it’s full on winter mode then its a hot chocolate! Food wise it’s probably a takeaway mainly Pizza or Chinese or if i make food myself it’s usually a steak dinner. NOM.

Current favourite candle?

I’ve just got a Blackberry Frost Glade candle which smells like outdoors at christmas. It’s amazing. I picked up 2 because i knew i would use them too quick and i’m already near the bottom of the first one! I need to invest in a Yankee Candle!

Do you ever have outdoor me time?

Sometimes in summer i will walk home instead of getting the tram to listen to my Spotify playlist and have a bit of me time but now it’s winter it’s too cold for that! I sometimes do walk to tesco to pick things up if i need to on my way from work and have a listen to my music!

Would you ever go see a movie alone?

I always say no but i think it depends. If it wasn’t a particularly busy movie and it was during the day then i probably would but i’m not sure i would enjoy it!

Favourite online shop?

Ooo I always love a good New Look shop – especially in the sale. Make up wise it would have to be Boots because i get the points on my card 😉

Anything to add? What else do you do in me time?

Total lie-ins in the morning are a must have for me time. Watching cheesy films while laying in bed is the best. Also, i enjoy cooking on my own and shopping for me treats also works!

So there you have it! – I’m not going to tag anyone specifically because there are too many people who i would love to tag so if you have read this, do it and then let me know in the comments and i’ll have a great big nosy 😀


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