Alexander McQueen: The new Women’s Wear by Sarah Burton


Alexander McQueen, a name everybody should know. One of the most amazing fashion designers in the world. One of the things i love about him is that he was male. Proving you don’t have to be female to understand women’s fashion.

Anyone who saw his fashion shows were in for a treat. McQueens runway shows were filled with the unusual whether it be a hologram of Kate Moss or a life sized human chess game. It’s safe to say that watching Alexander McQueens runway shows would be a dream. I wonder what he would have done next – McQueen was always pushing the boundaries with his runway ideas.

As detailed in the illustration above kindly provided to me by the lovely people at you can see he was a brilliant designer, a very talented individual and he created pieces women longed to wear. His pieces were so detailed and elegant and if i could afford it, i would swan around in the biggest, fanciest dress. Who wouldn’t?

Well, lucky for me, Sarah Burton – McQueens successor – has designed the new range of women’s wear on and it’s fabulous! Have a look here!

There is everything a girl could want from jewellery to scarfs to coats i could drool over all day. I need to make my millions now so i can buy everything!

I LOVE birds… This is perfection in a cardigan:

alex mcqueen bird

This is the coat i had in mind for this winter – i bought a grey wrap over coat from Next. Can’t help but think i was channelling my inner McQueen!

alex mcqueen coat

I am completely in love with this:

alex mcqueen

It’s £709… but it’s christmas right? SOMEONE BUY ME THIS!

Take a look at the collection and let me know what your favourite pieces are. You will be totally spoilt for choice!


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