Tweetdeck – You need this in your life

Tweet Deck

Tweetdeck is an add on for Twitter which enhances your Twitter experience. I had no idea about this until i saw a few people mention it on a Twitter chat.

Basically it’s Twitter but instead of seeing just one feed and having to click on different areas to go to messages or notifications, this is all on one screen. Check out the picture above, you can see a live feed & activity feed, messages, notifications and scheduled tweets.

That’s right, i said scheduled tweets. You can write your tweet, complete with links and hashtags and scheduled it to be posted to your feed another day or time. Here’s a tweet i scheduled:

tweetdeck scheduling

You can see the option to schedule on the left once you’ve written your tweet – choose a day, type in  time and you will see it scheduled on the right of your feed. This saves so much time if you can’t get on Twitter that day or at a certain time. It also means you’re less likely to forget to tweet!

You can’t get Tweetdeck on the App store for iPhone but you can get something similar which posts to Facebook and Twitter when you schedule posts.

I use Tweetdeck on my Macbook, just go here to start using it, sign in to Twitter using your username and password and away you go!

Has anyone else used Tweetdeck?


4 thoughts on “Tweetdeck – You need this in your life”

  1. This sounds brilliant! I’m going to have a look at that later – thank you! Have you downloaded the Followers+ app on the App Store? That’s an amazing app that helps you track engagement on your blog and Instagram/Twitter/Facebook as well! X

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